Saturday, 9 May 2009

Session 3/12: Feeling Better

Joe and his "dog" together with Harry wearing his flight suit!

I am feeling alot brighter today. Harry had a party to attend in Chester and the plan was that we would go into the city as a family, drop Harry at the party then spend some time in the city centre. However, I was woken up rather early by a happy Harry and didn't feel too good. Had a slight headache and tired. So I decided to stay at home and get some rest while the boys went out on adventures.

I really would have liked to have gone into Chester, it is a lovely day but I must follow my body and there will be plenty of other days. It was nice for Jason and Joe to have some "father and son" time together, to do some bonding. They went to the music shop to look at guitars (dont know why because we have 2 mini acoustic guitars, 2 standard acoustic guitars, an electric acoustic and an electric guitar! Joe was impressed with the shop assistant who was demonstrating the instruments. They ended up buying an ampliphier that does "everything" and they are both very excited but I just dont get it.....oh well..... whatever floats their boat and as long as they are happy!

So, I am feeling brighter and more positive. I rested with Pickles and Wilbur on my bed. Pickles warming my feet, bless her. I am looking forward to starting my power walk training tomorrow but I cant for the life of me find my wireless MP3 or my Garmin Forerunner!

I go to the hospital on Wednesday to have my mole checked out. My inner sense tells me that there is nothing to worry about but at the same time, I am calm because I have had all the tests I can have so if it is something to worry about, it can be sorted out directly.


  1. Glad you are feeling better ... I find there are lots and lots of ups and downs with cancer.

  2. I'm impressed that you are being so very sensible. A slight headache, a slight tiredness was always something that I tended to ignore in the beginning. It took a while for me to figure that if I ignored the small cues and pushed on, I'd find myself in the middle of something bigger than I could handle, exhausted, pounding headache, overwrought.

    I did not realize that your little boys were so young, but when I looked at the picture of them, I was tremendously glad that you are so wise and sensible.

  3. I am with Debby on this one - listen to your body. If it is telling you to rest, rest! Your family will totally understand. What is important is you looking after you! Hope that you enjoyed your day - and as for the amplifier....hope you have a music room far, far away!!!


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