Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sess 3/12: Keep the Home Fires Burning

My husband has taken my boys to his mothers house to give me a break but oh, how quiet the house is, even with my two noisy miniature schnauzers!!

I decided to light my chiminea and have been burning logs for a while. Everyone is out in t-shirts but me? I am wrapped up in a woolly hat and fleece blanket practiacally hugging my fire. I get so cold after chemo, does anyone else get that?

It was such a positive experience staring into my fire, breathing in the smoke and listening to the burble of the neighbourhood. I closed my eyes and took myself back 30 years when we were kids making fires in the fields and baking potatoes, happy days!

I had a cute conversation with my little 3 year old neighbour. He sits on his tractor in his garden and calls me until I stick my head over the fence, the conversation went like this;

Ollie: "what you got on your head"
Me: "a woolly hat cos I am cold"
Ollie: "I not cold, I got this" (points to his hair)
Me: "I haven't got hair now"
Ollie: "no, you got no hair, you got a round shape"

Kids are so great, what a wonderful conversation, I will be chuckling all night over this!


  1. I was freezing during chemo. I attributed a great deal of it to the fact that I was doing chemo in the dead of a bitterly cold winter, but reading your questions...maybe it wasn't just the winter. Interesting. I know that I couldn't stand to be without a hat though. My head was always cold.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was always cold the days *nader* when your counts after chemo hit the toilet. My white counts were so low that I to was dressed like it was winter not spring. When my white counts were brought up with the use of meds cause they couldn't regroup on their own. I felt better and could shead the blanket.
    Yes kids are great!

  3. Children are so direct and honest. It is so amazing what they will say! Glad you were able to have some time alone. It is important.

    Stay strong,
    Sonya Lee


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