Friday, 4 December 2009

My First Post Cancer Hair Cut

The thing pictured above is not my new hair cut! No.... I thought I would post a picture of my Aqua Jogging Belt. It is fab! You wear it around your waist and this enables your shoulders to rest above water. This means that your feet don't touch the ground and you can focus on your running motion and remaining in an upright position.

Onlookers are mistaken in thinking it is an easy and slow sport but trust me.... you use the same muscles as you do with proper running but without the impact and with the added resistance of water.

This sport has helped me this week with my injured ankle. I would have been very frustrated otherwise not being able to stick to my running plan.

Not a very flattering picture of me, showing all of my many wrinkles! Those creams don't do what they promise you know! Anyway, today I had my first hair cut since I lost it all due to chemotherapy. My hair colour was different and the texture was fluffy and dull so I asked the advice of my wonderful hair dresser, Sue. She parted my hair and showed me that my hair underneath is as dark as it used to be, shiny, glossy and healthy but the dull end bits were as a result of my hair starting to grow back and given the fact that there was still chemo in my system, this reflected in the texture and colour.

Sue set about snipping, tidying and can you believe it? Thinning my hair out and the end result is a snazzy pixie cut! Sue reckons that with one more trim the bad hair will be cut out and I will be in a good position to start growing it properly.
I feel so much better now that the texture is back to normal along with the colour.

I will never take a hair cut and style for granted again.


  1. You look bloody gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sue did a fabulous job of getting your hair trained back to a real style!! Woo hoo!!!

  2. Hey I blew up your picture and I still couldn't find any wrinkles.
    Anyway-you look real cute and chemo didn't seem to wreck your eyelashes as it did mine.

  3. Wrinkles??? Where??? I see none and like Sherry Lee I think you look marvelous! Love that aqua jogging belt and think it might be a good investment for ME ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. you look great! that gadget sounds like a handy thing to use. have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. After chemo, it must feel SO good to say "I went and got my hair cut." Yesssss! That's an adorable little haircut. About water aerobics: I will never ever take a class in that after my first attempt when I was in my twenties; it was utterly exhausting. Good for you for doing it; you'll be so strong and fit.

  6. you look great... I should hunt around for a photo of me 20 yrs ago - we could be sisters.... talk about wrinkles - my skin now looks like dry desert soils - those cracked ones...
    think how your skin would look if you didn't use moisturizers.....

  7. Well, heck, you look great. That's a lovely picture.

  8. Congrats! I can't wait for the day I have to get the hairdrier, and maybe the straightners, out again!

  9. I'm jealous of your eye lashes and eye brows ... you look great.


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