Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tiny Tim and Rocking Chairs

Yesterday I posted all about Christmas plays. I was feeling a bit emotional because it will be the last one Joseff ever does at primary school. So many plays over the year, costumes made and memories treasured.

This morning it is the dress rehearsal of Scrooge and Joseff is quite aptly cast as "Tiny Tim". He is pictured above in the costume I have put together. What a medoly of memories are contained within that costume....... His boots are his riding boots, his trousers were old school ones belonging first to Joe then to Harry and the patches are made out of Jasons old ties. The shirt was bought as part of his outfit for my friends daughters naming day, the waistcoat was mine from about 25 years ago and I can't part with it and the best bit....... the neckerchief! Well..... that was one of my chemo bandanas! What a fantastic way to turn a negative into a positive!

As Joe sat in the old rocking chair to pose for this photo, my minds eye was taken to the photograph of my great grandfather....... Joe's great, great grandfather "Tom Ty Canol". His photograph was taken in the same pose, walking stick in hand (not the crutch) the same look on the face although no smile because that wasn't the "done" thing in those days!

The rocking chair is special to me as well. My mum was "left" some money and she used the money to purchase the chair which was quite expensive at the time. She has used this rocking chair to nurse my brother Peter, me, my younger brother Gareth and I have used this rocking chair to nurse my boys....... Not only is it comfortable to sit in, it holds such special memories for me. Who knows..... maybe one day I will be nursing my own grandchildren in it!

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  1. Sara, I spent about thirty minutes this morning browsing your blog. This is what I learned. You are a strong lady,a great mother, a good friend, a loving wife, and have a tremendous positive outlook on life. So, I guess you're doing well.
    If you would ever like to submit any brief quotes for "Meandering Moments" I would love it. Thanks for being you.


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