Wednesday, 9 December 2009

An Eclectic 24 Hours!

What a varied 24 hours!!!!!

Last night, I was in the Golden Lion Pub, Rossett celebrating the Breast Cancer Support Groups Christmas Party. Pictured above are the founders of the group, Pauline and Barbara who started it around 18 months ago. Its a fabulous group of ladies of all ages, really down to earth, nice people who are fun to be with. Our meals were very nice but the only gripe really was the fact that the "Christmas Mess" had too much cream and not enough meringue!!!!
This morning saw the departure of my youngest son, Harry on his school trip to Nant BH in the Snowdonia ranges. He is eight years old and autistic so you can imagine how anxious letting him go there has been for me. However, his favourite teacher is going, Mr Lloyd along with his classroom support assistant, Mrs Pattingdon. Mrs P has given up her own time in order to accompany Harry, and if she hadn't have gone, I doubt whether I would have let Harry go either. He was off with a wave and blew a kiss. Once in school, he is in school so I knew that from then on he would be happy.

I went out for my run which was excellant, I am getting fitter and stronger by the day and after that we drove to Cheshire to collect a parcel for a friend then on to Beeston Horse Market....
When I first walked into the thick of the auction, I was overwhelmed. Choked with tears, I just had to get out of the building. I couldn't be a part of that scene, those poor horses and ponies; scared, worried being pushed around, prodded..... It felt like a scene from Anna Sewells Black Beauty.

My husband talked me into going back in, asking me to make some ponies day a little brighter by stopping to fuss them. I did that but I can tell you, it broke my heart. I lost count of the thin and undernourished animals there, probably over run with worms and other things! Some destined for slaughter, others possibly to be transported in inhumane conditions across Europe in order to be served up on plates in resteraunts.

I will not go back there again.
I was quiet going home. Feeling quite emotional because of Harry and what I had just witnessed.

We decided to stop at the Grosvenor Garden Centre for a good cup of coffee. They serve up a lovely Americano!

On display are the "home baked" mince pies and to the right are the flapjacks. All of the food is hand made on the premises and its open cooking so you can actually watch the chef prepare it all. It is delicious!

I was happy with my lovely coffee but Jason decided to have the caramel shortcake (his favourite).
We purchased some "Grumpy Mule" filtered coffee from the shop which was quite apt given our day!
This afternoon I clipped and bathed Wilbur and took all of his "feathers" off his legs. I do like him looking like a proper schnauzer; being a dog groomer, I like them to be clipped to breed standard but Wilbur..... He is a full on "action pup". He is the original "Million Hours a Day" dog. He lives life in the fast lane..... All things considered, he runs or sleeps and I am fed up with him bringing half of the woodlands home in his fur. He is nice and neat now and must feel so much better. At least he won't have to suffer me pulling bits out of his hair all night.
All in all, its been quite a different 24 hours!


  1. Harry is with fine guidance. I am sure he is having fun. We have kids who are autistic in school, and we take care of them.

    When he comes back, he will have lots to tell you.

    Say Ka Pai to your neighbour and friends. (Ka Pai is Maori for Good Job)

  2. sounds like a pretty full day for you. I would not like to see the horses either. I am full of empathy and compassion and could not handle that. I don't even like reading about it. makes me so sad about things.

    hope the holidays are good for you and your family!!

  3. Talk about cramming a lot into one day Sara!! Whew...I'm tired just reading this!! I'm so glad you are feeling fit and in better shape these's amazing how good we can feel and then realize how "badly" our bodies were feeling.

    Your party looked like fun...and something all of you so richly deserve!!

    As for sending Harry off on his trip -- I think you've done a "brave" thing -- and you've done a good thing for both you and Harry. How special and sweet that his assistant took her own time to go with Harry...she obviously has very high regard for him. And that he waved and blew a kiss -- you're a good mum to let him go.

    My heart breaks for you in how you felt about the horses and ponies. I understand that -- you are a kind, sensitive, caring soul -- and you have such an affinity with animals. I'm glad Jason talked you into going back to make the day of some of those animals. You're a good woman Sara.

    As for your Americano and those delightful treats...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! :)

  4. Harry will have a great time. It must be tough to see those ponies but you gave them a few minutes of loving.


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