Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Going Out Tonight!


(picture courtesy of google search engine)

Tonight I am out with the ladies from the Breast Cancer Support Group and we are going to a local pub/resteraunt within my village called the Golden Lion. The Golden Lion is pictured above and if you follow the link to the web page you can have a look at the Christmas menu of which we will be partaking tonight!

The Golden Lion was formerly a coaching inn as it is situated on the main Wrexham to Chester road. The views of the village green can be seen from the pubs forecourts although these days the green is a childrens play area and football pitch. Once upon a time though, public executions took place on the village green and the beam used to hang one local person was used within the pub itself. Local rumours say that the ghost of the hanged person still haunts the pub today!

My Weight Watchers leader said to us last week that this pub should come with a Weight Watchers Health Warning because the portion sizes are enormous!

Tonight, If memory serves me right I am going to have the goats cheese thingy as a starter, a cremated steak for the main course and a Christmas mess to end! I will let you know how I get on but needless to say I wont be expecting a weight loss at the scales this week!


  1. I looked at the menu, which I always love to compare to our own. Somethings are on it that you would never find here.Sounds like you'll have a feast and the building is very attractive. I noticed they had fried 'courgettes' on the menu. Funny how in the US we use the Italian word-zucchini- and the UK goes with the French.But enjoy!!!

  2. Looks like a very cool pool place ... hope you had fun.


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