Friday, 11 December 2009

My Town Friday Shoot Out - Weather

I took these photos about 10 minutes ago! Sorry they are a bit dull and grey but thats exactly what the weather is like over here...... dull and grey!

Thankfully we had a nice, thick frost last night so I was able to take advantage of it for my shoot out. I love frosted grass and leaves, I like the way that the frost highlights each vein within the leaf.

My neighbours garden opposite my house. Look at the way the frost has settled on the top of his ornamental tree.
I tried to capture the frosty haze over the car park opposite us but I just couldn't get the lighting quite right. As I said before...... dull and grey!

I just had to get a picture in of my new toy. Yep, Cooper got frosted last night too!


  1. Hi Sara,
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one living through day after day after day of grey. Not sun not rain not snow, just clouds, more or less heavy. But clouds and gloom are part of weather too, so let's stick up for them!

  2. I covet your Cooper! Capturing the frost was a great idea. It's okay if the weather is grey. You, obviously, are the only sunshine your family needs. They are blessed to have you.

  3. oh a Cooper - have always wanted one but in Blue - must be your Birthday/Christmas present.
    it really is hard to take a photo without sunshine isn't it. but love the Cooper dressed in ice - shot. and even though you think the leaves are just dull brown and grey.... I liked the shot.

  4. I liked the shot of the leaves too and the frost on cooper also nice shot. The weather is what it is.

  5. Thanks for sharing the weather photos and what's the weather there look like today. I like the first photo ey.

    BTW, can I grab the best photo of yours that I like? I will make another special post. Thanks in advance!

  6. I hope Redlan grabs the photo of the leaves. That is very lovely.

  7. You definitely caught the frost everywhere ... looks chilly.

  8. Love the leaves but give my vote to the Cooper. Looks like it has been iced for a special occasion.


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