Thursday, 3 December 2009

Herceptin Heart Scan

So today I was back in the hospital for my herceptin heart scan. Jason came with me and this time the process wasn't so bad. For a start there was only the chap scanning in the room and I was given a gown to wear so my dignity remained in tact.

They found my heart! I even heard it beating although it sounded more like a washing machine. The good news is that so far, so good, the herceptin isn't damaging my heart. I was so relieved because I had just returned from the Grosvenor Garden Centre having met my friend there and consumed 3 cups of proper coffee! I was getting some palpatations!

My ankle is healing nicely but I am taking arnica and using cool gel and white embrocation.

I am going for a hair trim tomorrow! My cheeky husband asked "where from?". Admittedly I haven't got enough for a good cut but I just want her to tidy up the back and around the ears. I am only have a wet trim because I will be damned if I am paying for a cut and blow dry with the little amount of hair I have lol!


  1. You'll feel wonderful having this little trim (cheeky husband indeed!! lol!!) -- you might not have a lot of hair right now but what is growing in needs to be shaped as it grows.

    Glad the scan went does sound like a washing machine, the old wringer type!! And well done even having had 3 cups of coffee!!! :)

  2. Yep, go for the trim. Mine did not grow in evenly as my hairdresser pointed out. For a while, I had just stubble on top with bare skin on the sides. (This I covered up except when I was way out in the country and couldn't stand how hot my hat was making me as I ran).

    If it is trimmed, strangers can't immediately guess that you were doing cancer treatment. Every time I see a woman with really short hair, I wonder if she was in my shoes or this was a choice.


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