Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Aqua Jogging!

Most of you know how much I love running and how frustrating that through treatment I just wasn't able to keep it up. I am into week five of my beginners running programme, I have never had to start at the begining before! I have injured my right ankle, I think its a strain so I have spent today using embrocation, cool gel and a tube grip for compression.... so far so good! I am not due to run again until Friday so I am hoping my ankle will be better by then.

Today I used my aqua-belt for the first time and it is fab! fab!fab! It enables you to stand upright in the water and not touch the floor with your feet. In this position you then run as you would outside but in the water. Yes its slow but ...... oh it is hard, hard work. I could feel my leg muscles working. This great thing about aqua jogging is because it is a no impact work out, it will not affect my ankle.

So my training programme tomorrow involves me doing any type of exercise for 30 minutes. I will either try to get to acqua aerobics in the evening or I may just try to get a mix of acqua jogging and swimming in.

Today has been productive. I enjoyed my visit to the Grosvenor Garden Centre for this weeks My Town Friday Shoot Out. I love that shop, it is wonderful. I enjoy going there for a mooch or to buy gorgeous gifts. I love the decorations during the Christmas season, they are the best which is why I chose to use that shop for my shoot out.

So now I am about to set off for my Breast Cancer Support Group..... Bye for now folks!


  1. Aqua jogging...cool!!! A good way to maintain your fitness leaving that ankle to heal.

  2. My sister-in-law who has MS has begun aquarobics and is finding it makes an amazing difference. You're way ahead of us in getting prepared for the Friday shoot out.

  3. That aqua jogging sounds amazing...I'd love to do something like that! :)


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