Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Letting Go of Negative Emotions...

One thing I have acknowledged through my lifes experiences is that negative emotions are bad for you. If they are allowed room in your life then they fester and poisen you, the bitterness turns inwards and destroys you.

All of my life I have fought negative emotions, I refuse to hold grudges, gossip, hurt people or manipulate people. All I want to do, is live my life with my family and friends around me and spread love and goodness. If I can make a positive difference to ONE persons life a day, then I feel that I have made a supreme achievement.

So yesterday, I blogged about feeling negative emotions toward one person in my life. I didn't like the feelings I had, it wasn't me, totally out of character. Then Sherry Lee of www.everydaypossibilities.blogspot.com (I hope I have got your blog address correct) gave me some really great advice........

I followed that advice.........

I filled two sides of A4 paper............

I sealed it in an envelope and today I am going to bury it in my garden!

This morning, when I dropped my children off at school and I saw this person....... my negative emotions were dissipating. I no longer felt boiling anger towards her... I feel calmer.... better..... more like me.

So thank you Sherry Lee for your perception, your good, grounded advice and God Bless you xxxx


  1. Or you could just try picturing her in her underwear wearing a red clown nose.

    Thank works for me.

  2. (((Sara))) if anything I say ever helps someone else then like you I feel I have lived a good, full life. I was like you before cancer and this is how I am after cancer...if I make a difference in one person's life I know I've also made a difference in my own.

    I thank you for your friendship ♥...and I like Barry's advice...anything that makes you laugh is good for you!! :)

  3. I love your advice Barry and your sense of humour lol

  4. Hi Sara
    Running advice for your painful foot: Don't run on it if it is swollen. Check your shoes. Are they unevenly worn out? If so, replace them.
    But I know you want to keep active..if walking is painful, could you possibly go swimming?or bicycling(which doesn't put much weight on your ankles)?
    Injuries are so frustrating. I am really lucky that so far, I've avoided them even though I do lots of miles with my too big of body.
    Hope it has gone away by the time you read this.

    Also I'm glad you've made peace with how you'll deal with the neighbor.


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