Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Plays are Great!

We have just returned from the first showing of St. Peters School Christmas play, Scrooge! It was a really good show and children from all years were involved. I thought it was so funny that my Joe being the smallest in his class was Tiny Tim! Sad to think that this is the last ever production that these children will perform together. These kids have been through mother and toddlers, nursery, reception through to final year 6 and come September they will move on to high school. Some will be going to the feeder school of Darland which is where Joe will be going, others will move further afield to Castell Alan and Bishops Heber.

The only child in the audience who looked thoroughly miserable was our Harry. I was lucky that tonight he didn't misbehave he just looked grumpy. I was waiting him to wave a fist at me but he managed to keep himself in check!

I was in Chester today and passed Mother Care, a shop I used to frequent when the boys were babies. I saw lots of babies. I remembered my boys as toddlers and I am sorry that those years were so fraught that I wasn't able to treasure them. I remembered what it was like to cuddle them, nurse them and now they are so grown up and sufficient, putting on plays and singing their hearts out!

Round 4 of Herceptin tomorrow and I actually remembered to phone the unit this morning to let them know I would be coming in!


  1. You're getting into the "habit" of your herceptin and even remembered to call at this busy time of year!! :)

    Ah the plays, and the last ones at this level. It's so bittersweet and fills us with such emotion. It's been years since I've been to a school performance and I truly miss that.

    Well done to Harry for managing to stay in control and just be a grump. We learn in this life to take our gifts where they come from, don't we?? :)

  2. Hi Sara, glad you're enjoying the school play. This is our first year without one (the boys are in grade 7 and grade 10 now). It kind of puts you into the spirit, with all the silly things that happen on stage... enjoy the holidays!!

  3. hang in there Sara you are doing great!!

    one good thing, we will always have the memories when our kids were tots and babies. it sure goes fast!! mine are 37 and 29!!

  4. watching your own child's performance is always fun and a joy.


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