Sunday, 13 December 2009


Elsa is a lovely guineapig. She is sweet, gentle and very kind. If any of my other female piggies are poorly, she is always the one I choose as a companion. However, poor old Elsa has lost alot of weight recently so I made the decision today to bring her into the house for the rest of the winter and concentrate on getting her weight up. I have a supply of CRITICAL CARE which is a special food for poorly piggies, vitamin C tablets and the fact that she will not have to compete for her food means that the prognosis should be good.

She has settled in well so far and in a moment I will be giving her a bath which will make her feel much better. I think she will enjoy having my individual attention.


  1. So Cute!!!
    I hope with some special TLC, Elsa will be feeling much better soon!
    When I was a kid I had a couple of pet guinea pigs for a little while. They were really cool!


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