Monday, 14 December 2009

Jules Update and Running with Wilbur

I received an email from Jules Peters today thanking me for the care package I sent out. She has been a very poorly young lady with not only DVT, tropical disease but also had a pulmonary embulism. She is lucky to be alive. She is recovering at home now with her young children and is doing well. These conditions were caused during her climb up Kilimanjaro to raise money for cancer. We are all set for the Gathering at the end of January 2010 in Prestatyn where I can hopefully meet her in person.

Today I went running with my dog Wilbur. I have had to have a few days off exercise as I injured my shoulder on Thursday having tripped up over Mr Wilbur. I landed on my shoulder and it is still incredibly painful, very hard for me to get dressed or put a coat on. However, I had a good run and enjoyed it even more for having his company. He had to wear is flourescent tabard because he is the colour of tarmac and whilst motorists on the lane may see me, they may miss the little guy.

A very productive day.... I am feeling stronger and fitter with each new day and I am so happy to be able to do the things I love once again.


  1. Oochh...gotta be careful with those falls!!

    And glad to hear that Jules is doing better. My sister was not so lucky with her dvt and embollisms...she passed away from that 10 years ago this coming January. Hard to believe 10 years have passed.

  2. Thanks for the update on Jules. That was very frightening.

    Glad to hear you are back out running, as long as you can stay on your feet that should be excellent!!!

  3. Be careful running girl ... don't want you anywhere near a hospital.


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