Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pantomine Fun

- REVIEW: Llandudno panto is Strictly stunning This is one of the reviews about the pantomine we went to see yesterday!

For those followers of Strictly Come Dancing, you will appreciate Craig Revel Horwood and some of the jokes in the show!

Thank you to my mother in law, Margaret who arranged this Boxing Day treat for us. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had good seats, Margaret made sure of that and the show was spectacular. The costumes were a joy, the jokes were so funny, the dancing and singing was great....... The only thing that spoilt it a bit for me was having a Harry with me who doesn't have a great attention span. He kept asking "when do we go home" and yet, whenever thunder struck or the wicked witch came on stage..... he was mesmorised! Panto experiences with a child with autism require patience.......


  1. We took our Scout group to the pantomime in January this year, and we had an autistic child with us and he got up on stage when they had children up at the end! We were gobsmacked that he did it, and he stole the show, brilliant to see and a real achievement! It does require patience though, as they cannot sit for long, and he had spent the whole show going from one adult to another, it was great though to see him enjoy it!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful family outing. What a delightful gift from your mother-in-law!!

    As for Harry being impatient...yes, patience is required, but the nice thing is that there were parts of the show that did capture his attention. It must be hard for Joe as well, but bless him too -- think of all he's learning about those who have a disadvantage in life that makes how they live different to what we call "the norm".

    I remember taking our boys to the Nutcracker ballet -- and the youngest constantly asking when we were going home. He isn't autistic...he was just bored!!! It happens to so many parents, so remember, you weren't alone in the "ants in the pants" during a performance...your situation is just that little bit more "tense". I get that. ♥

  3. We were lucky that he wasnt able to roll around on the floor which is his usual reaction. He nearly tipped his drink over the persons head in front of him - that was a hairy moment. Back tickling is a good distraction. All good fun!

  4. Lovely gift from your mother in law....sorry Harry cause you some worry but I am sure he brings more joy than tension.....:-) Hugs


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