Monday, 28 December 2009

New Year - No Resolutions!!

This year I have decided that I am not going to have New Years Resolutions, instead, I am going to have targets or objectives.
They are quite simple ones really;

1. I want to run the 2010 Race for Life and raise money for Cancer Research. I ran it in 2008 for Mike Peters but couldn't do it in 2009 because my cancer treatment left me too drained. 2010 I am going to do it for me and my other cancer fighting friends, you know who you are!
2. I want to run my first 10k race. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year I had almost finished training for my first 10k race which was due to take place on 1st March in Farndon. The pain caused by my biopsy and surgery meant that it was impossible for me to do this. I won't be fit enough in time for the next Farndon 10K but I am going to look for another one during the year and raise some money for Cancer research or the MacMillan information centre in Wrexham Hospital.
3. I want to reach my goal weight. My hormones went crazy in 2008 which meant I went up 2 dress sizes and gained 2 stone. I had lost a stone in weight when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was unable to keep on with weight watchers during treatment. I was craving carbohydrates and cheese and who was I to deny my poor body such pleasures? Also, the tamoxifen and steroids have caused bloating most of which has gone but I still can't wear my wedding, engagement and eternity rings. However, I AM wearing my Nain's wedding ring (welsh for grandmother) and my Great Auntie Lizzies engagement ring.

4. I want to learn Reiki. It is something I have wanted to do for years, I want to use it in my work with dogs and animals. I am fed up with dogs coming to me nervous or traumatised by the grooming process and I have always sought ways to make the matter more comfortable for them. I have used DAP spray, booked in extra time for nervous clients at no extra cost, so Reiki for me will be such a good tool for easing the distress of these animals.

These are all achievable targets so as we get through 2010 and I complete each one, lets celebrate together!


  1. Brava Sara!!! No resolutions...but goals and targets and objectives...that's brilliant!! I have never been one for "resolutions" because they tend to set one up for the potential of "failure" and who needs that?!?!

    These are tremendous targets that I believe you can attain...remember it isn't the destination but the journey -- it will be what you gain from the training and the preparation that will give some of the most satisfaction.

    And Reiki? I was thinking about learning that too!!! Wonderful to be on the same wavelength!! xxxooo

  2. And live and be happy right darling friend.

    Sara you are beautiful and don't forget that all breast cancer drugs make you put on weight.


  3. Great goals for the year. My first goal is to find part time employment, but hopefully I will have that wrapped up after tomorrow's interview. Back to a more "normal" life for me, not an extended hiatus from working! I wish you good health and much success in 2010!

  4. May you meet all your targets....I like that word better, I am terrible as I never keep my resolutions especially to loose a target or goal.....ummmmmm I just may have a chance......:-) Hugs

  5. Wonderful goals for this year! I know you will be successful with them all! :-)

  6. It all sounds great to me....... go for it

  7. Those sound like great targets ...

  8. Wonderful 'targets' ... I love the idea of no resolutions. I've been setting 'intentions' for myself but they're not a specific at yours. Go for them all ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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