Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Town Friday Shoot Out - Favourite Things

The theme for this weeks shoot out is "Favourite Things" but was described as the first Christmas theme. However, I couldn't do a shoot out about favourite things without including my new car, my Mini Cooper, my pride and joy, my baby..... Actually, Cooper is a sort of Birthday/Christmas present anyway so its right that he should be included in this weeks theme.
When thinking of what I should take pictures of to feature the theme, I was on my way into Wrexham town to take photos of the Christmas lights, when I stopped myself and ended up at the Grosvenor Garden Centre in Pulford just 3 miles from my home. Why? Well because whenever I think of Christmas and Christmas decorations, my mind always roams to this place. It has been an important store for me this year because on the days when I needed to get out or needed to buy a gift but didnt have the energy to venture far..... this store was my saviour!
The picture above is of the entrance into the Garden Centre. They always have such wonderful displays no matter what the time of year!

The decorations at the Grosvenor are in plentiful supply, you can buy just about anything you want from here. Fibre optic trees, false trees, real Christmas Trees, Christmas Wreaths, cuddly toys, Santa Stop Here Signs, Christmas food, Christmas gifts...... I could go on and on and on.

I love the models of Santa scattered around the store, some are even life sized.

Robins are my favourite birds because whenever I feel a bit down or sad about my late brother Peter, a Robin always seems to appear and cheer me up. I love these fat fellas in the pottery section of the store.

I adore Squirrels too..... not the grey ones but the endangered red ones. This ornament is so clever and I love it to bits.

You cannot celebrate Christmas without the Nativity scene and this is only one of the many types available to buy here.

Christmas is all about the children and I love that concept. This metal red fire engine is the sort of thing I would have loved to have bought my sons when they were toddlers but too expensive I am afraid!

This is a life sized Charley Bear! Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I love my collection of bears. My collection includes Herman, Merrythought, Steiff, Charley to name but a few and includes some vintage pieces.

Santas Grotto is always a special place with very fond memories. I remember Harry going to see Father Christmas when he was 3 and struggling to get away from him, crying!

Again, anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Chimineas. I really like these pottery ones but ours is metal because we decided it was more stable with having the dogs and children around.

If I had £200 to spare, this is what I would spend it on. I love this limited edition print. I love it not only because it is of a dog, but I love dogs noses (weird I know) and I love the concept of this picture.
So If you are ever in the area I would definately recommend that you visit The Grosvenor Garden Centre because not only does it stock just about everything you need, the staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and the feel of the place is so special. I love shopping there.
They also have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat coffee shop called The Blue Planet and the produce home made pastries, cakes and food. Next time I go there I will take some pictures just so that you can see how special it is. The coffee is delicious and I must admit I spent a very pleasant couple of hours there this morning with my friend Clare.
What doesn't this shops stock? Garden furniture, garden appliances, garden plants, shrubs and trees, pottery, sheds, gifts, walking sticks, wellington boots, indoor plants, books, cards, confectionary, cakes, biscuits, eggs, meat, drinks, cutlery, kitchen implements...... the list is endless.


  1. Fabulous photos!!! Looks like you had a great time wandering around taking photos for this shoot!! :) Hope someone makes that print appear under your tree on the 25th!! :)

  2. I sure like your little car.

  3. Sadly, I don't think the print will appear under my Christmas Tree, its way too much money but its nice to have dreams.... Hey, Sherry, maybe I could have a go at copying it in my own style lol

  4. I love your new little "Mini" Your town is so quaint and lovely. I am really going to have to make serious noises and visit the UK during the season. Maybe next year for sure!

    Enjoy your car....
    Love Alli xxx

  5. I have car envy.

    As for the dog nose picture: you have dogs; they have noses; you have a camera....

  6. My sister-in-law is addicted to Christmas ornaments and displays. She loves shopping at Christmas Stores and if she ever catches a glimpse of the wonderful pictures in your post today, she will be sure to be on the next plane across the Atlantic!

    Barry & Linda

  7. Barry, the store is filled with even more decorations than I could photograph! I took lots and lots of photos and wished I could have featured them all because they are gorgeous! However, I will probably use them in future blogs over the Christmas season xx

  8. I LOVE your Mini! My husband knows that's one of my dream cars! Maybe it's a more realistic dream when we're done with carseats! :) And what a lovely store - I love Christmas!

  9. The mini was my dream car Emma and after the year we have had with my breast cancer we decided to push the boat out and live some of our dreams!

  10. What a wonderful post. This sounds like a most joyous store to shop in. I love all the decorations, especially the snowman and santas. I also really love the fire truck and the limited edition print. I'll definitely click on the link and look on-line. Thanks for the tour. I hope you are doing well. Stay strong.


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