Friday, 11 December 2009

My Birthday Yesterday!

I have been so lucky this birthday with all of the wonderful gifts and cards I have received! Last year I was in Rome for my birthday but this year I was at home which is truly where my heart is! The only sad part of it was that my youngest son was away from home on a school trip. My mother-in-law bought me this gorgeous PANDORA bead. I hadn't seen this one before but it is so pretty.
This horse PANDORA bead was one of my gifts off youngest son Harry. He also bought me a glass paperweight shaped like a diamond which he chose himself. He gave me his gift just before he left for Nant BH. Harry loves sparkly things.

This card is just gorgeous! My friends daughter, Chloe made it for me! I have a special "keep sake" box and this card is definately going in it!

These are a gift in themselves! 12 years ago I was almost at the point of giving up on the possibility of having children and now I have two gorgeous sons! Having two birthday cards sporting the word "MUM" means more than words can explain!

My Auntie Heather and Uncle Phil gave me this card. They know how significant the blue butterfly has been for me during my fight with breast cancer. The blue butterfly is means "healing, sent with love".

My husband always gets me the nicest cards with a really slushy message inside!

Just look at all of my gifts!!!!! I have been so lucky! I happened to spot the Carvella boots in Chester a week or so ago and I was lusting after them secretly and just look........ Jason got them for me! The NOA perfume is from my eldest son Joe, we sipped the sparkling wine, the Clinique body stuff is devine!

I love my new boots!

Not sure if everyone is familiar with GOK but in this country, he is a fashion and style guru. He has brought out his own range of body pampering products and just look at the size of the box I have been given!

My dad bought me this dirt devil for my car! What a thoughtful gift this is! I was struggling with my big hoover but this will make the job so much easier.
I had lots and lots of lovely things including a schnauzer glass keyring, a wolf t-shirt, a wii fit, a red scarf and a puzzle photo of my cousins children in Australia! I have decided to put the puzzle together then have it glued and framed!
I am so grateful for all of my birthday cards, gifts and good wishes.


  1. And, I send my very best birthday wishes, Sara. You deserve the grandest of days. May you always prosper.

  2. Happy birthday to you.... a great celebration blog.

  3. Happy Birthday to you dear lady, who is beautiful inside and out. It is so joyous to find you in such happy spirits!!!! Love and best wishes,

    We hope blue skies are smiling at you,
    from Barry and Linda xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Sara! You sure received many beautiful gifts. Also I'm glad that you are able to run again. Let the healing continue!

  5. Love those boots. Happy Birthday. I enjoyed your celebration post.

  6. Happy birthday! And those boots look just like my 'kicking cancer's butt' boots. Only mine are Ariat.

  7. nice birthday celebration from all around you. Happy Birthday and many more to come!!

  8. Belated birthday wishes Sara - lovely lovely presents - but I must admit I love that little turquoise bead! Truly yummy!

  9. Happy Birthday hon!! The boots....oh oh oh to die for!! Glad you had a wonderful day!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  10. Happy Birthday Sara
    Wow, great gifts, makes me happy you had a great day

    Yay, I wish a you a beautiful year!!!
    :) :) :)

  12. Happy Birthday, you are very special to a lot of people.

  13. Happy Birthday, and I love the boots...I may just have to get a pair. Since I am from Texas everyone actually think we wear them any hoo!


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