Monday, 17 August 2009

New Camera and Kid Free Week

This is the camera I have ordered from Amazon UK and it is due to arrive tomorrow. This is all thanks to my blogging friends who have got me photographing everywhere I live for the COLOUR CARNIVAL and FRIDAY SHOOT OUT. I never, ever believed that I could have so much fun with a camera.

This is quite a twist for our family! I am the animal addict in the house and have ridden horses since being a tot. My husband and two sons are now learning to ride! My husband is an ameteur photographer adn now I am learning to take photos! What a twist of fate! Fun to share hobbies as a family though!

We took the children along with my mum to my husbands mums house yesterday. This is the furthest apart we have ever been for the longest time and with two of my boys gone at the same time. It was an emotional parting for me and especially for Harry who didn't want to let me go.

Thursday's chemo has knocked me for six this week, probably because it is "that time of the month". I know, I know, it shouldn't be happening and even my Oncologist is amazed! I have felt very shaky, very weak with no strength in my arms. Things are getting better though and the break away from being a mum will help me gain some strength so that I can have fun with my boys before they return to school and before my next set of chemo.

Just received a text from the Nain and Nanas and they are in Conwy on an open topped bus! Sounds like they are having fun!!!

I have decided that as I am so close to the end of chemo, I am going to get going on my fitness regime starting with a diet. Now readers, don't freak out at me! I am a sensible person, I love food too much to be silly about it. I am just going to adopt my old approach of healthy eating. Since chemo, I have been diving for carbs and cheese so that has got to stop, I have gained 14 lbs which is NOT good.


  1. I can't believe that's all you've gained with all the chemo you had. I packed up 20 lbs, so hard to get rid of when you like to eat. I guess all the red wine isn't helping much either ;)

    Well, you're almost there... Any rads after? I can't remember. And have fun with your new toy.

  2. Well, the red wine is outta here big style - need to get fit and now the end of chemo is in sight I am raring to get my life back! I have 15 days of rads then a year of herceptin but I am not thinking of herceptin as treatment, just... life?

  3. have fun with your new camera. I just got mine in Feb and have taken like a zillion pictures already.

    you have put on weight? wow.....I lost like 20 pounds but have put 15 back on. good luck on your journey.

  4. What an awesome new camera! How exciting! As far as dieting goes, I think you should wait until after chemo - your body may be craving those things for a reason. Maybe be a little more concious but if it's something you really want go for it. You have been through so much Sara - wait until it's over and then reward yourself with a health and fitness routine :-)

  5. I'm so excited for your new camera and your new fitness program. It will feel good to be in control of all that after having the treatment in control.

  6. Sara I don't know any woman who is getting chemo for breast cancer that has not gained at least 15 to 30 pounds. The drugs just help pack on the weight too.

    I cannot believe you are still having your period. That is crazy after all the chemo.

    You are almost at the end sweet friend. You can do this.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Enjoy your new camera, I'm looking forward to see more beautiful photos from the new gadget soon.

  8. Hi
    Glad to hear you are enjoying taking pictures and got yourself a new camera, that is great.
    I didn't gain weight, I lost...which is not great....its understandable since I haven't tasted my food in months
    I hope you get your rest during this time and that your next chemo goes well

  9. Hmmm ... I'm not quite sure what happened, but methinks Blogger ate my comment so I'm trying again. I love the colorful patterned window coverings and am sending healing energy along with my usual ...
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Oh!! It sounds great!! Congrats on your new camera!! I too got a new one!!


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