Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tribute to Dogs Past and Present

There was a dog show in Rossett today, just a fun thing really. I would have liked to have taken one of my dogs but I am so so tired and I don't know why? Chemo is on Thursday 3rd September so this should be my "good" week. Mind you, if its anything like the Epi, I seemed to suffer from a cumulative effect of chemo. Anyway, enough of that stuff. Here is Wilbur and Pickles sitting together on the sofa. Its hard to believe that when Wilbur first joined our family almost 2 years ago, Pickles couldn't bear him to be anywhere near her.
Pickles is like a fluffy mountain goat at the moment. I only had the energy to clip Wilbur and I only did that because he was hot and bothered (he is a full action pup!). She is very much a "mother bear" dog. She tells all the children off who come to the house while staying at a safe distance from them. I think she is issuing warnings of "you must behave in my house". She is quite a character! She was and is my "3rd time lucky" dog.

Poppy belongs to my friend but she comes to my house on a daily basis while said friend is at work. She also stays some nights and weekends and is an integral part of our family. Harry decided to wrap her up in my dressing gown and she didn't mind at all. She is a characterful dog too.

It's hard to believe that this photo was taken 11 years ago in Erddig. I was pregnant with Joe in the picture and I am here with my mum, my darling first dog Bobbi and mums treasure of a dog, Suzi. I took mum to a rescue centre and she wasn't sure about having a dog again after losing our Ben and Sheba but I thought it was what she needed. It was love at first sight. Mum and Suzi had an instant connection. She was such a gentle and peaceful dog and I miss her.

Me and darling Bobbi on Red Nose Day!! What did we look like? She was my darling treasure of a dog. My little shadow. My little angel. Taken away too soon by cancer. She would have been 15 years old now. This week on 25th August 2009 was the 10th anniversary of her passing. I miss her with all my heart, she was such a special little dog.

Finally, rather ironically, my brothers/mums/brothers fiances dog Roscoe passed away this week. He had suffered a stroke and had been in decline for a few weeks. Sadly, his time came and he met a peaceful end.

I thank all of the dogs in my life for giving me their unconditional love, their support, their company: Patch, Ben, Sheba, Suzi, Bobbi, Sadie, Roscoe, Morgan and in life now; Pickles, Wilbur, Poppy, Al and Fudge. Without them, my life would have been / would be a much duller and sadder place.


  1. So sorry to hear about Roscoe Sara, but at least he had a wonderful life, as all your dogs do! I know how welcome Jess was made last weekend, and how much good it did her to spend time with Wilbur and Pickles, although Wilbur did give her a hard time!!!! I know how much Jess means to me, and how much she helps me, so I can understand how much your pets have meant to you over the years! Thanks for sharing your doggy story with us, here's to many more pets who will be well blessed to be with you! Sharon xxx

  2. Beautiful memories Sara, of such beautiful animals. Past and present. Losing a dog isn't just losing a pet, it is losing a friend, a confidante, a family member. And you look marvelous with that red nose!! :)

  3. I sure like the picture of Poppy ... she looks snug as a bug in a rug.

  4. Sara, I loved reading about your dogs, and how they have enriched your life. It has been so with me, too.

  5. I loved reading your post. We just lost our bandit after 16 years. They are such a big part of our lives. Thank you for sharing all the pics:)


    Friday was our Daffodil day, as I taught my students about cancer, I remembered you. My little kids asked me if I knew anyone who had cancer.

    When I was young, we used to have dogs. My husband won't let us have pets, and th ekids miss out.

  7. What beautiful babies! I especially enjoyed red nose day :-)

  8. Hi Sara! I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your canine companions from over the years! Dogs really are the best! We (at my mom's, where I am staying right now) coincidentally "have" a black and white dog named Roscoe- but he's a cocker spaniel. :) :) :)

  9. Sara - I loved reading about your dogs. Dog people are special.
    You give me hope with my two dogs Kenzo and Moi who have only been together for 2 mths. Kenzo haunts Moi Moi . I lost my two old dogs a week apart this January so we got Kenzo a puppy Maltxshih tzu then I heard of a breeder who did not want one of her breeding pekingese anymore (I adore pekes) so we had to get her. They don't get on very well as she is 5yrs and Kenzo nearly 10mths old and Bossy!
    Crossing my fingers it will end up like your two - best mates.
    I send you "good health" vibes for your chemo. I found you on Jillys Riveria Dogs.


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