Monday, 24 August 2009

Animals are Such a Joy!

This is Elsa. I adopted her from the "Cavy Haven" a few years back. She should have long hair reaching to the floor but one of her friends has been cutting it for her. In guineapig terms, this is called "barbering". She is such a lovely little guineapig, so kind and gentle, a real joy to have in our family. She was called Elsa because her "mane" used to look like that of a lion. I like the way it has been barbered though because you can see her pretty little face.
Hmmm. Pickles and Wilbur always love to destroy my cushions and this is a new one! As soon as I shouted "STOP!" they instantly dropped the cushion and Wilbur looked at me as if to say "what have I done?" and Pickles backed away from the cushion looking as though she was sayint "it wasn't me.... I didn't do it...."

This is Pickles looking rather woolly. Someone once said that she looks like a goat when she is fluffy like this.
I do love my animals. They keep me going...... they give me a purpose to get my act together every day, they give me unlimited entertainment. I just love to watch them and talk to them. I cannot imagine a world without animals.


  1. I love animals too. We have a cat..our sweet collie died this summer..I so miss her

    many prayers and hugs..

  2. I hear you...when I feel just absolutely crappy, my critters give me a reason to get out of bed and always make me feel better.

    Elsa is adorable! I just wanna snuggle her!

  3. Animals are a joy and an inspiration--even when they're being bad!

    And a big WELCOME to little Elsa.

  4. Sara, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've just spent some time going through your posts and marvel at your spirit and determination. Best to you.

  5. I love Elsa and the dogs are hilarious.

    My husband and I watch a show called the Dog Whisperer ... ... some days we watch him all day long ... reruns and all.

  6. What wonderful pets. Did you see my guinea pig post over the weekend?



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