Monday, 3 August 2009


As you may know, I have recently purchased a new scanner and I am busy uploading pictures onto my computer so that I can sort them and archive them. This has been an evocotive task for me, conjuring up long buried memories along with the emotion. One thing that has struck me; friends are like ships... they pop in and out of the harbour of your life, some only visit once, others stay forever.... thats the way friendship is. However long or short their stay, they always leave ripples in the water... Above is a picture of me taken over 10 years ago when I was pregnant with Joe and the chap with me is Chris, a friend of my husbands. We don't have alot of contact but the friendship always picks up from where it left off.
Jessica Clark, a good friend for a few years but we lost touch and now I don't know where she is. We had lots of fun together thats for sure, went to alot of live concerts and had sleep overs.

When my fiance of 7 years and I split up, my life went in a totally different direction. I became a member of the Sports Connection Gym and hooked up with a great crowd. Lots of events, house parties and fun including climbing Snowdon, camping, Its A Knockout to name but a few. Yes, for those in Great Britain, I was a friend of Tim Vincent way before he hit the TV screens, I remember him as a lanky young lad.

Mandy was a great friend, brilliant fun and I am still in touch with her mother although she is living all over the place and has been for about 15 years. She saved my life. I was in a deeply depressed place.... my brother had died.... mum & dad divorced... my fiance cheated on me and was keeping me hanging on like a yo-yo. She had split with her boyfriend and just asked me did I want to join her on a trip to Disneyland. I said yes and I never looked back. It was on that holiday that I first got to sleep without crying and holding a photo of my fiance. It was on that holiday that I decided to ditch him once and for all..... Although I loved him dearly, I was not going to be treated like an object any more.

We did the Aerobathon in Earls Court, London twice. We raised money for Cancer. Way back in 1993, little did I know that I would be benefiting from such charity fun events. Michelle was a brilliant person to be around, a bubble of fun, always smiling. She taught aerobics. Me? I cycled 30 miles a day, swam, did aerobics and weight trained seriously to the point that my spar partner was a guy! Not so blinking fit these days am I? I feel like a big fat pudding!

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