Thursday, 27 August 2009

Rocking to the Ramones

I woke up with the weight of the world on my shoulders. My head is crammed full of appointments, appointments, appointments. Things to do..... So much to do... No energy to do it! List eventually got ploughed through and I started to feel better.... Then Jason got his electric guitar out and started playing The Ramones... Jason has got alot less hair than Joey but he was good.
Harry joined in the electric fun in Harrys way. Wearing MY leather riding boots, his legs made quick time motion as he lay rocking on the floor.... what a groupy!

Groupy Harry decides to don my Afro wig (70's party coming up). What a sight to be seen with wig, riding boots and electric guitar playing loud and clear. Pity you can't hear the sound with these pictures because it really filled the atmosphere!

Joe the Roady in the background fiddling with dads amp!

Music carries on and Joe carries on regardless (what? Isn't that a British film?)

Poppy is not impressed....... I really don't think she likes the Ramones!

Wilbur likes the Ramones - he must be the second groupy! Pickles is nowhere in sight. I think at this point she must have made a get away into the garden of peace.
What a fun way to unwind!


  1. And what a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing this bit of wild with us...boys are full of fun and energy - big ones and little ones :)

  2. I like how your mood got better through the post! I like it when the '3 boys' do stuff together like that and it turns into so much fun!

  3. Amazingly wonderful family times...everyone joins in....beautiful!


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