Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Weekends with Friends

Eleri riding Libby and being led by her mum Llinos
I realised this morning that since the weekend, I have covered topics in my heart and head but not what a wonderful weekend I had.

On Saturday we went to the Oswestry Show to watch friends compete. It was an amazing show with vintage vehicles, motors (useful for Fridays Shoot Out), tractors, carriages and horses at every level.

Eleri and Llinos did so well with Libby as did Alys on Cracker and Abi with Red Robin. It was a lovely day.

On Sunday we received a generous invitation to Llinos and Alvins home up in Glyn Ceiriog. Well, what a fabulous day we had! We were welcomed into their home and made to feel so at home there. The children went on adventures up trees, under trees, making dens. Baby pheasants scattered the hillside and we couldn't hear any traffic at all. What a lovely place to live.

One altication with Harry but I dealt with that accordingly and the wii was denied for 2 days.

We had a lovely day with our friends. They have some gorgeous dogs; a border terrier, chocolate lab and a little westie as well as their three horses, turkey and geese!

It really is lovely, in this world of grabbing, wanting more, being nasty; to meet good, kind, honest and down to earth people who provided good company and wonderful food.


  1. What a fun weekend for you and the boys. I would so love to meet little Harry. He sounds just like my grandson:) What wonderful friends you have been blessed with. Hugs xoxoxo

  2. Oh it sounds just lovely!!! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to do these things and to just enjoy life. And taking away wii for a few days? Exactly the kind of thing I used to do with my two when it was necessary. Sometimes as parents we have to be the "bad guys" but in the end? They know we've done the right thing and they do get over it!!

  3. Sounds beautiful. Just saying hi and all the best for your treatment.

  4. Good friends ... can't beat it.

  5. Sara...I can't imagine looking out and seeing pheasants...!! Different worlds...but one thing runs true through both our 'worlds'...concern and love one person has for another. I am a first time viewer of your blog, and I wanted to say hello....and wish you well and let you know that I am thinking of you. I have a prayer journal...I keep the names of those that I pray for and for what reasons in it...and when God answers the prayer, I mark the date and give prayers of thanksgiving. I am putting your name in my journal. I send you a warm hug this evening.... I'm a retired school teacher in the southeastern part of the United States. Hugs come from me here...to you there.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  6. Sara again sounds marvelous....Your weekend sounded perfectly idilic!!



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