Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Good Results!

Mum, Me, Fudge and Al in Mums back garden (Harry took the photo)

I had good news from the hospital today. I had a check up with my Breast Surgeon, Mr Cochrane who is a complete teddy bear and everything is fine. He checked my bones, liver, lungs, breasts (obviously) and give me a clean bill of health. He also confirmed that because of my ample boobs he was able to remove a good clear margin which gives me a good prognosis. He was so sweet, took time to talk to me and was very reassuring. As you can imagine, I left the hospital with a big smile on my face. I will have a mammogram in January followed by a consultation with him in February.

In addition to this, I got chatting to some fab people at the unit. One goes to the support group, another was someone we just got talking too and we had a cup of tea and a chat. Next to those lovely painted windows seen in my earlier blog.

I was completely shattered so ended up spending a couple of hours catching up on sleep. The children were spending the day with mum - they had plans to pick some apples for me. Yesterday they collected apples and made apple pie, eating it fresh from the oven! It was lovely for the children and for me because they collected me some peaches too!

Joe wants me to make apple pancakes but I will have to dig out the recipe.

I had my new lower retainer fitted AND, I brought the mould of my lower teeth home for Harry to look at - he loves things like that, skeletons and stuff...

So, altogether a very successful day!


  1. What a nice day...kind of balanced out your last one, hey?

  2. So very happy for you Sara....really great news.....
    Hugs xo

  3. Yay! You know you're going to be fine right? I feel that completely!


  4. thanks for all your positive comments, they keep me going. September is not a good time for me and I am approaching the end of chemo so its a bumpy bit right now x

  5. Fantastic news... here's to you walking about like a mad woman smiling at everyone :D.. great feeling xxx

  6. There are many, many joyous sunrises in your future! God bless you, Sara.

  7. Sara, I can feel you smiling through this post!! What wonderful news and the one that made me sing most was the very clear margins!!! That is such fabulous news!

    How lovely to just sleep -- the adrenaline of stress in waiting to hear the news just falls so quickly and depletes us.

    And fresh apple pie made by your children (and mother!) -- a perfect way to finish the day!

  8. Sara, look at your hair!! Wow, I can't believe how much you have. I have none. Zero. Great news about the clean bill of health! have a good weekend!


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