Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blinking Hospitals and Nasty People

As you may know, I am not in the best of mind sets at the moment. I am attributing it to the end of chemo which is now in sight and September is approaching, not a good time for me. So I have all of these emotions raging inside me and I feel all mixed up!

I had a dental check up last week and although my gums are sore and I have ulcers, the dentist is pleased with the over all condition of my gums. However, he did give me a pep talk about wearing my retainers. My braces were taken off at the start of the year then when I found a lump in my breast a week later, I started this cancer roller coaster ride, now it is slowing down a little I need to get things in order. I phoned Chester City Hospital and arranged to see an orthodontist.

So today, I was in Chester City Hospital. Good news is that my top retainer is still good but because of my teeth grinding I am having a new lower retainer made, that will be fitted at an appointment tomorrow.

When I got to the hospital I was desperate for the loo. There was a queue on the corridor with two loos in action and the disabled loo free. I turned to the lady waiting and said rather politely "maybe we could make use of the disabled toilet as there is no-one waiting". The lady looked at me as though I was something the cat dragged in and almost barked at me "but it is for the disabled". Taken aback by her rather nasty attitude towards me (she had probably seen my hair cut by chemo and jumped to her own conclusions). I smiled at her and replied calmly "mmmmm, I wonder if having cancer can be classed as being disabled? mmm I rather think it does" at this point, I used the disabled loo and when I came out she couldn't meet my gaze.

On my way to the hospital I realised that I had a breast appointment sometime this week. Had I missed it? Oh panic! Quick telephone call later and I was told my appointment was at 9.30am tomorrow - phew! So a hospital day tomorrow. Wrexham Maelor in the morning and Chester City in the afternoon - and this was supposed to be my hospital week off!

Next week I have blood work booked followed by chemo!

Blinking hospitals!


  1. You are learning! Don't let the attitudes of others lead you -- you spoke politely and then you did what made sense. Remember, this cancer is also a lesson to others as much as to us.

    I'm laughing at you thinking you've missed an appointment...I'm still doing that Sara...so many appointments, so many people that we need to see and even now, if I haven't it written down....

  2. You never know who you are being "short with" so be kind to everyone. Hope that lady learned a lesson. As to the handicapped stall...I have in a pinch taken the kids in there...sometimes it's better than having the janitors clean up the floors.


  3. I really can't stand nasty people but you handled it well!! As for blinking hospitals..I hate them to...Just made my appointments and I really don't care to deal with it!! LOL oh well!

  4. Hi Sara

    Here in the US, if there are no obvious handicapped people in line, people use the handicapped toilets without a second thought particularly if you have toddlers in tow that need help. never heard anyone complain. I actually needed the bars for awhile when I had a broken arm to lift myself up. But chemo can cause diarrhea and irritated bladders that just won't wait. Loved having that 30 second warning that I needed a bathroom when i really needed a 2 minute warning. Ah the indignities of chemo...don't miss them.

  5. Hi Sara
    You were polite and what is the big deal if someone went to the handicap loo ( as you call it ) if its empty and no one is waiting, I don't see the harm.....its unbelievable how some people take offense to this nonsense, a loo is a loo.....its their for public use...when one needs to go, one needs to go.
    More important in life...stay well

  6. Seems to me using the handicapped stall made sense and I'm glad you were able to take care of yourself. Perhaps that woman learned a valuable lesson from the experience too?
    Hugs and blessings,


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