Thursday, 6 August 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Power

I found this subject quite a tricky one. I have intepretited it as being "things that empower you spiritually, or power used in every day living". I hope the intepritation is acceptable. The first picutre I took was of our family car on our drive way. A Renault Scenic. Great car, lovely to drive but the build quality leaves alot to be desired. However, it gives me the power of independance, the power to travel where ever I want, when ever I want. I would be lost without my car.
Jason withdrawing money from the Sainsburys Supermarket money machines. Well, what can I say? Money IS power; if I had lots of money I could have purchased the best drug options available, I could have got Harry the help and support he needed 6 years ago without having to go through all the stress that I had, I could pay for shoes to be hand made for my mothers feet or a taylor made calipre for her leg of the BEST kind. However, money doesn't buy love, health, happiness or appreciation of the little things in life....

Erddig Hall; a boiler used to power up the wood cutting machines housed in the main work yard of the Hall. The Hall was totally self sufficient and is a complete gem as it has remained in tact since its demise following the Great War of 1914.

Erddig Hall; This is the chapel wing added onto the hall. Their own private chapel which is really quaint inside. It even has a closet room (loo) for family!!! I took this picture because FAITH is what empowers me; it gives me the strength to carry on, to remain positive no matter what, to believe that there is something with meaning worth fighting for. FAITH is a huge power.

Erddig Hall; this is the wood cutting room filled with mechanics of all sorts! The machines must have generated quite alot of noise in their day!

Erddig Hall; the furnace. Blacksmiths room used not only to shoe the horses but to fashion and fix gates etc. The power of heat, fire, energy.

The next couple of pages are dedicated to an amazing design. It is a hydraulic pump, using water and machinery to pump water from the river to Erddig Hall on the above hill looking down.

Erddig Hall Hydraulic pump room. On some occasions when it is working you can feel the ground vibrate beneath your feet.

And this is the water hole that is part of the pump effect, taking water up to Erddig Hall. An amazing feat of engineering!


  1. Love your interpretation of the theme, and the water pump is a great feat of engineering, as nuch as the machinery os beautiful in its usefulness and design!

  2. Great photos. I love your interpretation of power.

  3. Sara ...loved the whole thing!

    I would have done Faith myself were it not for the baby visiting ..

    I didn't even think of money - so clever of you and so true.

    AND Erddig Hall was so fascinating and beautiful!

  4. I think your interpretations are great, Sara. Lovely shots - the hydraulic pump looks really interesting, well worth exploring! :)

    And I agree about the money! One of my photos is of a local bank - the power of paper... that's all it really is, isn't it? Paper which we have attached meaning and power to. Hmmm, food for thought.

    Great job. Thank you for sharing! ♥

  5. Sara, I love your photographs and thoughts about "power". So true on every count. Your interpretation is not only meaningful it is insightful!

  6. love the photos. love the Erddig Hall Hydraulic pump room shot. so interesting.

  7. What a wonderful job you did on the shootout this week Sara! Excellent! :-)

  8. Great and unusual shots. Thanks for sharing the pumping station with us!

  9. very interesting shots! love the wood cutting ones and most of them from Erddig Hall. very unusual. great shoot out!!

  10. Nice shots - like the water hole. It almost looks like an optical illusion in a way.


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