Sunday, 23 August 2009

Great Weekend and Colour Carnival

Mums dog Al (Border Terrier)
I have had such a great weekend! It started off with spending the day with friends on Thursday. Such comfortable people to be around, a great family, warm and friendly. Thankyou Alvin and Llinos xx
Brothers dog: Roscoe aged 16
On Friday, my friend Sharon and her husband Richard came to visit with their lovely black labrador Jess! I first "met" Sharon on the Weight Watchers NCU site and then on Facebook. We have developed our friendship to the point that Sharon did the Race For Life in my honour this year. This was such a difficult feat for her because of her own medical issues, a brave and wonderful lady. Sharon was exactly how I expected her to be, kind, friendly... my only regret is that they live so far away.

Mums dog Fudge (the escape artist)
Saturday was quiet but we met up with Sharon, Richard and Jess again before their return journey home. My gorgeous boys came home on Friday, they gave me lovely little gifts but the best of all, they showered me with hugs and kisses. The boys and I went to watch TV in my bedroom and giggled throughout "Austin Powers"

COLOUR CARNIVAL: Flamingos at Chester Zoo. Photography curtesy of Jason Williams
So today is Sunday and we are relaxing at home, enjoying my children and planning the week ahead.

Llinos, Eleri, Joseff, Harry and Me at Oswestry Show. Photographs curtesy of Jason Williams
I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that I had another lump in my other breast. They then insisted on canulating me and I refused until they let me have the freeze spray, they kept telling me I couldnt have the freeze spray because it was too expensive and I remember the feeling of upset and distress.
So on that note.....................
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  1. What great shots and glad you had such a nice time Sara! That nightmare must have been horrible for you.
    I hope you have a wonderful week my friend :-)

  2. Hi Sara - great pics, and sorry to hear about the nightmare! Awful. Interesting that our chemo treatments are so different between Canada, UK and US. Yet within each country everyone seems to be on a similar one. Sounds like you will be done in just a few weeks, I know, its never soon enough!


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