Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Relaxation and Peaceful Sleep

I like to add pictures to my blog because I think it brings it to life. I know, I know, those who follow me are probably sick of hearing about Mike Peters but I love this photo of him and I chose this one in particular because he is standing in the town my children are staying with their Nana right now.
Mike is standing on Llandudno promenade which is miles long and a great walk come rain or shine and in the distance you can see the Great Orme as its head dips into the water. If your eyes are good, you may be able to make out the pier as well.
As a child we came here for day trips. I loved throwing stones into the sea when the light dimmed. The smell of cooking doughnuts on the pier.... the sound of the sea and the stars in the sky. Whenever I smell doughnuts now, I always remember those days out. www.llandudnoonline.co.uk/pages/pier.html
My two sons are staying with their Nana who lives in Llandudno and my mum is there with them too. So far they have had quite alot of fun, playing in the sea, riding open topped buses, boat trips....... phew! Poor grandmas will be exhausted.
I, meanwhile am enjoying a child free bed at night and waking up of my own accord! This has been wonderful for me, actually being able to get some rest.
I have started my diet but you wouldn't think it was a diet the amount I am eating. I am planning what I eat and making sure I eat a little and often.
I ventured into Wrexham town today! Amazing! I only managed to stay there for about an hour before returning home but I did make a couple of good purchases! I treated myself to a new handbag - the organiser type because I am fed up of rooting around for medication, appointment cards, hand sanitizer etc. It was leather and only cost £8!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a really lovely handbag! I got some not so exciting drain cleaner and I purchased a granny trolley!!! I know I am only 42 but I am so so tired these days, carrying shopping bags, even small ones is a burden I can't tolerate so, yes, I am now the proud owner of a tartan granny trolley!!!
Happy Days!


  1. Your granny trolley will look so smart -- it's tartan!! And needs must girl...it's a smart idea to have one and I'm glad you purchased it!!

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful child free few days...enjoy them. The boys will be fine, the grannies will be fine and consider it all a great treat for everyone!!!

  2. So glad you are getting a little time for yourself. And speaking from a granny standpoint, I'm sure they are loving it!!! Have fun on your new trolley:)

  3. I love my trolley, makes life so much easier!

  4. Hillarious, the trolley could be a new fashion statement.

    You could pretend to want it; because really who wouldn't want one. har har

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  5. Thats a good idea Renee! Also, I think I may customise the trolley to make it a little more funky - Any ideas?

  6. Hi Sara - sounds like you are doing well without the boys! A much needed break I'm sure! I went shopping the other day and couldn't believe how hard it was to carry my bags around... I didn't even buy that much but it really wore me out. The trolley would have been the answer!!


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