Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Oncologist, bloodwork and phew! all OK

More and more often since my warfare with cancer started, I am seeing butterflies. Not just butterflies in the wild but they seem to be appearing to me all the time. In blogs, through friends (Sherry) and in products I come across every day. This particular butterfly landed on my husbands knee when he visited the newest attraction, the "butterfly house" at Chester Zoo I have seen Robins (the bird) representative of my brother Peter, why butterflies? Maybe it is because they are re-born from an "ugly" (sorry butterflies) state and fly with beauty and grace into a new life. This is symbolic of the "new" me, re-born and re-newed following my war with cancer. What do you think?

Today, I was so nervous. I felt sick. I was going to the hospital for my bloods but also to see the oncologist. I took my RESCUE REMEDY, my husband "power dressed" and off we went.

I called in to see my friend who was having her third lot of FEC today and took her some flowers, stocks. The perfume was gorgeous then I wondered, would it irritate her? Anyway, she loved the flowers and Gwen was caring for her today.

The bloods were ok. A new blood nurse today but so very gentle and kind. She gave me a tip for getting my veins up - wear those disposable plastic gloves that the docs wear! Will try that tomorrow! My vein is quite hard now so it hurt but not too badly.

The meeting with my oncologost Dr Champion went really well. She was so kind and reassuring. My appointment with the radiotherapy department in Glan Clwyd will probably be on 7th September, the Monday before my last chemo. Another symbolic day because although Peter died on the 10th, it was actually on a Monday and he was buried on the Thursday. It will be an emotional week for me.

I will be starting Tamoxofin straight after chemo and then I will be having herceptin for a year as soon as the radiotherapy is complete. We discussed the trial and I politely declined giving no explanation. I am not in the habit of name dropping, sometimes it does one no favours at all. She was quite happy with my choice but puzzled because I had given her such a grilling on the side effects of Tamoxofin. I just explained that I have little boys who need me and I am only concerned with the longevity of my life and not the quality through treatment.

So.... it went really well! I relaxed and fell asleep for almost 4 hours!

We are going to the cinema tonight to see the new film "Orphan" - ooh I love a good horror! The children are staying over with my mum so that we have a clear run for chemo in the morning.


  1. I just put photos of butterflies on my blog yesterday as well. (as well as bees) =)
    Will be thinking of you as you undergo this.

  2. I love butterflies! I agree, the butterfly is a very positive and uplifting symbol. I have been noticing them a lot lately too. While I was floating in the pool today a great big one with very beautiful wings fluttered right past me. May you see many many more!

  3. Beautiful butterflies for a beautiful person:) I love reading your blog! Good luck with chemo in the morning:)

  4. Whoo hoo to good results girl!! Here is to lots of butterflies in your future!! Hugs, Sarah


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