Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tired and Naggy

I don't always blog twice on the same day but I am about to go and sit with my dogs and watch some awful telly!

I am feeling really naggy, short tempered and tired. I have that nasty taste in my mouth and I have had enough for today.

I felt really good today, the best since I started chemo..... guess what I did? Yes, I over did things! Also my lumpectomy scar is aching like crazy, another sign I have done too much.

Oh.... and I almost forgot...... more chemo tomorrow - thats why I am getting naggy!


  1. I definitely get anxious a couple days before the next chemo. I try not to but forget it.

    Put your feet up ... and snuggle with your dogs ... sounds like a great idea.

  2. Dear Sara,
    Thank you for your comment, I am glad to have found your page. Sorry to hear you have chemo tomorrow. :( I hope it is doing it's job and kicking the cancer right out of your system, for good. Much love to you sistah. <3

  3. Hi Sara, I've heard that we are more sensitive to pain during chemo (I have days my incisions really hurt too). So you asked what words you use that are different? (and I enjoy finding them). A few are 'telly'(TV), 'potted' history (?), 'tablet' (pill), 2 stone - how much is that in pounds?

    Hope you feel better...

  4. Hi Sara
    I know how you feel.... rest, do something you enjoy maybe a good book.
    You are in my thoughts...Unfortunately we need chemo

  5. Oh, poor you. It's horrible, isn't it? I still get really resentful when i can't do everything I think I should be able to do and tend to forget that my body (still) has quite a lot going on.
    So just have a nice relax. (What you need, girl, is some knitting!!)

  6. Aww bless ya.. I was just the same so don't feel alone in this.

    My little dog and myself had plenty of hugs. I always say that he looked after me :-)

    All the very best for today Sara.. Just think, another chemo down xx

  7. Stephanie love, I knitted a jumper once (bottle green, colour of a wine bottle yum) but if you saw it, you would understand why knitting isnt for me lol

    Beth: you never fail to make me smile! "potted history" is a way of saying a concise history or a historical overveiw. Like, think of history being put into a little cute pot.....

  8. Sara what chemo are you on. I take it you are getting it every three weeks?

    Renee xoxo


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