Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sess 4/12: I love my head!

When I first lost my hair, I was repulsed at the thought of touching my bare skull. The thought of washing it, touching it, looking at it...... urgh!

Now, I find myself playing with my scalp, especially at the base of my skull where the skin isn't taut but soft and pliable, like baby skin. I constantly touch my stubble which feels like sand paper. Is it growing yet? I don't know but I live in hope (die in Caegwrle - sorry guys, a Wrexham joke).

What adaptable creatures we humans are!


  1. You can't see the big smile on my face Sara, but it's there!! Oh yes, we are adapatable creatures and it's amazing how quickly we realize that when faced with change. I loved my bald head and I too rubbed it a lot...there is something to be said for seeing yourself as you were when a baby -- what you didn't have any concept about at the time! It's a gift that isn't it??

  2. I play with my scalp all the time. When I go past a mirror in the house ... I still do a double take ... can't get used to it.

    Sure is low maintenance thou eh?

  3. This really made me chuckle as, when my hair started to sprout back, i used to do the exact same!!
    To be honest it got to be a habit, a habit that eventually drove me mad hahaha.
    I don't do it now my hair has grown completely but 2 years ago my fingeres were a rubbing on those ikkle stubbly bits xx

  4. I have becomea a compulsive head rubber, too. We should enjoy it while we can - soon we'll have to be careful not to mess up our hair!!

  5. I love how quick it is to get ready after a shower! No bad hair days...

  6. I haven't touched my head so much in my life before. Don't know what it is about bald heads, but it's just fun rubbing it! Wait till the hair grows back, you'll be petting your head ALL DAY LONG!


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