Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sess 4/12: Love a "Normal" Day

I was so tired after last nights lack of sleep. I returned to my bed only to find my little visitor in residence! However, I did manage to get a little sleep but had some rather vivid and scarey dreams. I dreamt that I suddenly had a lovely little baby girl and I had to go and buy her nappies, bibs and bottles but in the mean time, I lost Harry. I looked for him everywhere and somebody had taken him away. I woke up feeling the terror and grief, it truly was horrible.
Anyway, I spent a day lounging around reading until mid day when it is time for my support group, Talk 4 Talk. I returned my books to the library and took some new ones out, it is so handy that our group meets in the rooms there! I saw a beautiful bead butterfly keyring which made me think of these blogs and brought a big smile to my face. It was so lovely to meet up with mums and talk about something other than me and cancer. It was also nice to talk to mums who understand the problems we experience with our special children. I left the group with up lifted spirits and feeling like a normal person again! hurray!
My symptoms have been better today so I took a chance and stopped taking the medication for heartburn and constipation. Fingers crossed all will continue to be well until chemo a week on Thursday.
Anyway, I conclude this blog by telling you what a lovely day I have had because I have my family, my boys (nobody has stolen Harry) and I had a normal day :0)
PS: so sorry to go on but I have just nominated Mike Peters as one of the most outstanding North Walians - lets hope he wins!

This is Mike Peters with his wife Jules and his two little boys - what a great family!

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  1. So glad you have had a nice day, your blog always makes me feel uplifted because you are so positive! Keep up the good work honey, thinking of you always! Sharon xxx


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