Monday, 29 June 2009

Things that make me Smile

Lots of things make me smile, more so these days as a result of my breast cancer. Gone is the stressed mum running a mobile dog grooming business. I am now able to sit and write my blog, chat with friends on face book and appreciate the life I have been given.

Life doesn't seem that great these days with all I have given up but as each day passes I am getting more and more excited at the prospect of finishing chemotherapy.

So what does make me smile?

My blogging community never fails to make me smile especially Beth, Sue in Italy and dear Barry! I love hearing your stories and how you are dealing with this beast.

My other online friends make me smile too. Pictured above is Lisa and below Beccie who have run the Race for Life this year. I mentioned Cas in a previous blog who ran in my honour.

Last night, I lay in bed and listened to a fox barking. Oh how I have missed those foxes, they haven't been around for a year or so, I used to be able to hear the mother call the baby. All the building work done in our village is slowly eroding the wild life and that, my friends DOES NOT MAKE ME SMILE!

I love the thunderstorm and last night as I battled to rescue my 8 guineapigs from the torrential down pour, I laughed and giggled as the rain soaked my tee shirt and filled my crocs. It would have been nice to have got wet hair too but that would be quite difficult as I have none.

My eyebrows and eyelashes are growing back and THAT makes me smile like you can't believe.

My dogs make me smile.... moody little Poppy (the dog I dog sit), grumpy little Pickles and silly, clumbsy Wilbur.

Playing mischievious tricks makes me smile too and winding my husband up (I do that quite a bit) it makes life far more interesting.

I like to stand in the shower and let the cool water splash down on my bald bonce, now that makes me smile.

And writing this blog..... I am wearing the biggest smile ever!


  1. Love this list!! If we stop for a moment we can always find something(s) that makes us smile. I'm glad you are able to think of so many!! :)

  2. Thanks Sara! I'm always happy to see a new update on your blog as well! I'm still really down about my last chemo, but on my good days I do realize how much there is to enjoy (same situation - slowed life down due to breast cancer - no longer working, home with the boys).

  3. Eye brows and eye lashes ... yippee! :)

  4. This blog made me smile!! Cancer and treatment sure does slow us down see the good things in life.
    Good attitude is always a positive thing :)


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