Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A History of Wales (My country)

Many people don't understand about my county of Wales! We are a seperate country from England! Great Britain comprises of England, Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales.

We are a country in our own right with our own language and culture. Even facebook categorises me as living in England!!!!!!

We are descended from the original inhabitants of this island called Celts. Celts were pushed into the hillsides and outer areas of the country and can be found in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France. Our language is reputedly the oldest language in Europe.

Within living history, my family have received punishments for speaking in their mother tongue. Indeed, my older brother was attending a welsh medium school and was discriminated against because our dad was a non speaker. Needless to say my mother pulled him out of the school and me with it. This is quite amusing because on my fathers side, he can be traced back to a wealthy family within the Wrexham area over hundreds of years. Also, our family can be traced back to Irish lords. Can't get more celt than that even if he doesn't speak the lingo!

The welsh have been discriminated against for decades so you can understand why I have a low patience thresh hold with other newer minority groups who claim discrimination!

The welsh were made up of principalities, each with their own Prince or tribal leader. In the 16th century, the bards were tricked by the English into signing the Act of Unification, which is why we are not perceived as being a seperate country and why our flag is not reflected in the Union Jack.

The bards told the English King that they would only bow down to a Prince born on Welsh soil and who did not speak a word of English - how arrogant!!!! So the King sent his pregnant wife to Caernarvon Castle and his son was born. The King presented the child to the bards; born on wels soil and not able to speak a word of English, and so the unification was agreed. This is why to this day we have the Prince of Wales and why the ceremony is carried out in Caernarvon Castle (North Wales).

Our history can also be linked to the London Tower. You have heard of the crows who must never leave the tower? Well, that myth or legend comes from the Welsh. There was a welsh King called Bran (meaning crow) and he was defeated in battle. He told his men to bury his head looking out to see on the site of the London Tower and Britain would never fall to the enemy. Reputedly, his head was removed and Britain was conquered by the Normans. It was reinstated and peace has remained on our island. King Bran - Crow, that is why the Crows should never leabe the tower.

Incidentally, the castle of King Bran is in Llangollen, about 10 miles from me and is a wonderful walk out. It is called Castell Dinas Bran but in English the slang name for it is Crow Castle.

So, my potted history of Wales.

Now my fellow bloggers.... never refer to Wales as in England and remember dwyn gwraig cymraeg, peidio dechrau ddraig goch!!!!! It means "I am a welsh woman, dont wake the red dragon"


  1. Hi Sara of Wales! Good lesson, you've definitely educated me. I always enjoy the different terms you have for things that pop up in your blogs and comments.

    "Iechyd da i chwi nawr ac yn oes oesoedd" (hopefully that really means 'good health to you now and forever')

  2. That is a good lesson ... I did not know.

    Thanks for your comment to my blog. I have been feeling down but it has to do with the chemo and steroids and the fatigue of the cycle.

    Sometimes I step out and share those feelings and sometimes I don't.

    By the way ... my psychologist at the cancer institute is orginally from Wales.

  3. Great post - you certainly have an interesting family history!

  4. I love the history.

    Go to sleep red dragon. Come out roaring when you need to for your chemo.

    You are a brave soul and you are going to get through this, I know it.

    Love Renee xoxoxo


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