Sunday, 28 June 2009

Seaside Sunshine

My aunt and uncle have a caravan in Pwllheli and we were lucky enough to utilise it this weekend. Schools in Wrexham had a training day on Friday so we headed off on Thursday night and returned today, Sunday. The picture above is of Harry and Joe on Llanbedrog beach, our favourite place in the world. We didn't pitch up that day because it started to rain. It was nice, sitting on the beach with the rain falling, it was only when it became a down pour that we decided to vacate!
Joe loves to pose in funny ways for camaras! You can just see the fishermens cottages behind him and above that is a mountain which we climbed one year to the Iron Man statue. Beautiful views from that point and well worth the long hike up.
Harry loves to be buried in the sand and Jason was more than happy to oblige! They also enjoyed making Sand Angels on the beach and there is a 15 second video of them below.

We had a lovely weekend away. Saturday was so hot and Jason took the boys out on their dingy. They were gone for hours just splashing around and having fun. I sat in our little tent to shade from the sun and watched and read a little bit too. I love going to the caravan, it is a complete break away from the home and the reality of treatment.


  1. Beautiful pictures, it looks lovely (and the kids look happy!) Glad you were able to enjoy such a nice weekend away.

  2. Thanks Beth, the weather was gorgeous and I love Llanbedrog beach so much, its a lovely place to visit x

  3. Can I ask what a "pitch up" is?

    Somehow it got lost in translation for me as it crossed the Atlantic.

  4. Hi Barry; to "pitch up" is to set up camp, I meant putting up the beach tent and setting a base x


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