Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sess 4/12 Information is Power!

I went to a good lecture this afternoon on drugs used in breast cancer and the lecturer was a retired oncologist from Wolverhampton hospital.
It was a small group and was funded by Breast Cancer Care held at Nightingale House in Wrexham. The lecture over ran by half an hour, an indication of just how good it was with questions and answers darting around the place.
Most of the women there were through the menopause, myself and two others being the youngest there. The lady to my right had been through the process two years previously, it was so nice to be told that CMF wouldn't be as bad as Epi-Rubicen from somebody who has had it. I also noticed that her veins were badly scarred and paled mine in comparison. War scars! The other lady had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had yet to find out her type and what type of treatment lay ahead of her.
The other great thing I got from this session was an introduction to a local support group which meets once a month at nightingale house. I will definately be going on 7th July because they seemed like a lovely bunch of ladies.
I was able to learn all about cancer cells and why all of this treatment is thrown at us. It was encouraging to know that with each round of treatment be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy, herceptin and hormonal treatment, the chances of re-occurance are reduced significantly I am a bit fed up though that having a life time of being a slave to my hormones I will continue to be so for a number of years yet. Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in my 20's, fertility treatment so that I could have my children, using the pill to control my raging hormones and give me a quality of life and now this....
However; I am a SURVIVOR, I have HAD cancer and now it is gone (or if it isn't it soon will be with all the poisen I am having pumped into my body).
I almost didn't go to this lecture but am so glad I did. My advice to anyone reading this blog is that if you ever get the offer of events which lead to enlightenment then GO. Not only will you learn things, you will get to meet interesting people and make a difference!


  1. I am so glad you found this kind of lecture a help to you Sara, it is so good to know that after years of the promise of these kind of things they are finally actually happening! Take care. Sharon xxx

  2. I think when the processes are so physically traumatic it helps a lot to know and understand how and why they work. I'm glad it was good!

  3. Yes information is power ... I agree.


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