Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sess 4/12 Race for Life

Last year I did the Race for Life and helped raise money for cancer. Little did I know that less than a year later, I would be a cancer fighter.

At the start of the year when the dates were released I started the process of entering again but something kept holding me back. I did the same for the NAS 10K in Manchester, got the forms but just held back on sending them off. I then found out that I had breast cancer and decided that I would take a year out of running.

I was so disappointed because the Race for Life is such a wonderful event. An all woman race with women of all ages either running or walking to raise money for cancer. I am so proud of the medal I got last year.

BC (Before cancer) I was also doing Weight Watchers because I had 2 stone to lose. I had put this weight on as a result of a hormone imbalance caused by the meriner coil! (another story). I am part of a fantastic group led by Dawn who meet at Gresford Methodist Church every Friday morning and also, I had built up a fab friendship base with weight watchers who use the New Community User page. Most of these friends are my face book friends and we keep in touch regularly.

Anyway, some of the WW NCU's are doing the Race for Life and some of them are/have done it in honour of me! the first one was Caroline in Scotland who took part in the biggest ever Race for Life. She is pictured at the top of my blog. Thank you Caroline, you are a star!


  1. When we give we also receive...it is now your turn to be honoured as you honoured others.

    And this is the connection many of us find...we were huge supporters of breast cancer research before we were diagnosed...as if somewhere along the way and inner self knew that we were going to be chosen to deal with this disease.

    That inner voice that held you back from entering this year? Your body already knew what you had yet to learn.

    Isn't being loved by others a wonderful feeling?? ♥

  2. I am so glad you have friends running for you. I know it will lift your spirits.

  3. I am still preparing for mine but will do the Race for Life at Coombe Abbey Country Park, Warwickshire, 15th July 2009, in honour of you Sara and my mother in law, June Majek. You are such an inspiration to me Sara, a true survivor! love Sharon xxx


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