Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lifes Little Pleasures

My 6 female guineapigs, L-R: Betty, Jessica, Snowdrop, Jilly, Elsa & Polly

I didn't get much sleep last night because a certain Mr "H" decided to join us (again) and managed to bump my lumpectomy scar a couple of times. Sleep was distrupted so I ended up watching two episodes of Ghost Whisperer back to back with my dogs.

When it was time for normal people to get up, I went to my bed instructing everyone to get sandwiches, snacks, breakfast etc for themselves. Turned out, they didnt and Joe didnt have any lunch. School tried to phone (I ignored it because I was whacked) and so he had to have a school lunch which he doesnt like because he is so fussy with food and hygiene! Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!!

I have read the riot act!

No more H-Bombs in my bed because if there is a lock is going to be fitted.

Joe must make his own sandwiches the night before school and make sure they are packed in his rucksack, mum and dad cannot be expected to do this anymore.

We had a minor revolt from Joe until he realised that he had the power to pack his lunch box with food of his choice (sanctioned of course).

Apart from being totally wiped out due to lack of sleep and the side effects of chemo which still continue to haunt me, I did actually manage some of lifes little pleasures! The mum's at school clubbed up and gave me some vouchers for Karma Spa so because I was exhausted I booked a pedicure there and had a wonderful morning. The picture above is of the end result. My toes have never looked so pretty. The session was completed with a Strawberry & Pineapple Smoothie and I sat watching a little bird who had flown into the resting area and was eating crumbs off the floor.

It was 24 degrees today, so hot and lovely. I tried to sleep but couldn't. In the end I decided to potter around in the garden with my guineapigs. I actually lay next to them on the grass listening to their squeaks and grunts, they really are funny creatures! I have added a video of Elsa and Jessica below taken yesterday following Elsa's much needed bath. One of the guineapigs keeps "cutting" her hair so its not as long as it should be.

Ralph and Bramble enjoyed the guineapig free freedom of the shed while Duffy stayed at home making her nest!

I really do enjoy my animals, they give me simple pleasure but are helping me to cope with the tiredness and discomfort of chemo. Now, with that in mind, it is time to put my guineapigs back into their inside homes to keep them safe from foxes, cats and the damp!


  1. Ohhhhh..I love guinea pigs!! They are so sweet and what wonderful songs they sing!!! Everytime you open the refridge!! We had them for years, but have a preschool in my home and they tend to catch everything that goes around. I hate it when they get ill. Yours are darling!! Do you keep them outside all the time??
    The toenails are beautiful!!! Hope sleep is easier!
    Namaste, Sarah

  2. Well, how tasteless to leave spam on the blog of a cancer survivor...bots don't care though -- they aren't people. Sorry someone left this garbage here for you can delete through your garbage can.

    Now on to your day -- a spa pedi and then a smoothie...oh that is the life and your feet look like they enjoyed every minute of it. Aren't the mums at your school wonderful to treat you so??

    As for lack of sleep and reading the riot act -- good for you doing that. Everyone is old enough to take some responsibility while you are going through chemo so I'm glad you are won't hurt the children, if anything it's good for them.

    May you have peaceful sleep tonight and no H bomb!! :)

  3. Love the toes ... I bet you feel so pretty.

    The guinea pigs are so sweet but now ... you have to tell me all about your video camera. I'd like to buy one and start posting some video ... not sure of what yet ... but before I buy, I need some advice.

    What can you share?

  4. Everything sounds so wonderful Sara, enjoy your animal family, you deserve such wonderful happiness! Sharon xxx


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