Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sess 4/12: Getting Good at This!

My little Harry dressed as a Knight on holiday in Cornwall, Aug 2009

I am getting good at this blogging business... to think that I was scared of computers! Now, if I had never got breast cancer, I would not have learnt how to do this. I woke up today thinking how much I was missing swimming and running but I will do that again, in October and for now I am reading, blogging and having fun in different ways.

My philosophy on life is that no matter how bad things get, no matter what bad things happen to you, there is always something positive. I call it "my PollyAnna Syndrome" - always look for the good in the bad.

I have made so many friends whilst blogging, people who I have never met in person but who brighten my life and make me smile and giggle. I am going to list all the things I am doing which I wouldn't be doing if I hadn't got cancer

1. Dog training with Wilbur: Its such fun and has changed the dynamics of our "pack"

2. Included my hubbie in dealing with my childrens disabilities. Its great not being a lone crusader!

3. Reading: have read so many good books, its great. I will try to put some on this blog

4. Blogging: I was too scared to do this before but now it is so much fun and theraputic

5. I have made great friends who are a tremendous support

6. I actually stop these days and take time to watch the birds and the bees (forget the pun)

7. Have the Gathering 2010 planned and I wouldn't have bought tickets if I hadnt got cancer

8. Reviewing books which is great fun and I am part of the Amazon Vine programme

9. I am learning to ask for help when I need it and not do everything myself

10. I am thoroughly enjoying my rabbits and guineapigs, they are such good fun

11. I am signed up to the Shrewsbury Relay for Life as a Survivor on 12th Sept 2009

Keep watching this blog, I may yet add to the list of things I am doing that I wouldn't have done if I hadn't got breast cancer!

Its a cold day here in North Wales but at least the rain has stopped. My dogs are worrying about the bread I have just put on the bird table, they watch it like hawkes, willing the birds to drop their bounty. Its quite funny really because they work as a team, Pickles at one side of the bird table and Wilbur at the other! I am so lucky to live where I do because we are surrounded by trees and birds. Some times I clamber into Harrys bed which is raised up high and watch the trees sway in the wind, it is very theraputic.

So, my chemo symptoms are none existant for the moment except for the tiredness. More chemo on Thursday though but its a different type, fingers crossed the CMF spares my digestive system!

Oh, and I know I have shared my pandora bracelet with you all before, well, I wanted to show you my latest bead which my mother in law Margaret bought me yesterday to mark the start of the new type of chemo...... its a cute ikkle rabbit!


  1. You are so right - cancer brings so many things to you if you let it. I think I am more patient and more appreciative, and I've certainly made positive changes to my quality of life.
    And, thanks to you and your blog, I have discovered the Pandora bracelet, and my husband has offered to start me off with one! I love the way you use it to mark your journey. I will do the same. And maybe we will meet and compare our Pandora bracelets (and our hair) someday!

  2. Aren't we blessed to have this "second chance"? To see what we might have been missing before, to allow new opportunities in our speak my language Sara!! And I am wishing you all the best with the CMF...I didn't have that one but I've heard so many good things about it.

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  4. Sarah, I feel as if so many blessings came out of such an bad thing called cancer. I am a very lucky woman. I know this.

    PS: Can I ride in the time machine? The one that you used to get pictures of Harry two months ahead of your vacation? LOL!

  5. Ha ha my mistake, it was last year. Am I wishing my life away or what? I must say, I DO want it to be September and the end of chemo lol

  6. Well Sara, nobody can ever say you waste your time, you are still so busy! I know how it feels to try and fill the not so good days (I refuse to call them bad days because every day is a blessing!)with productive things! Arthritis may not be life threatening but it is debilitating and frustrating, and I count my blessings every day that this is so! You are such an inspiration to me, keep on trucking hon, you are a star! Sharon xxx


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