Monday, 22 June 2009


This photo is of my very best and dearest friend Jan and myself at her sisters 40th birthday party last December 2008.
Same party but this picture is of my other dear friend Clare and my husband Jason
Again, same party and another dear friend Rachel (Rachel is really beautiful inside & out)
Christmas 2008, Flight Commander Harry Llewelyn with Pickles
Halloween 2008 - Harry and Joe

I found my camara and decided to download the contents. Oh what happy memories came back so I thought I would share them with you, enjoy!

I am going to try to download a video off the camara which is of my lovely Miniature Schnauzer Pickles who LOVES tea. There is no sound on the footage but what I am saying to her is "would you like a cup of tea?" she replies then I say "oh dear, too hot" and she replies. Her quest for a cup of tea is quite funny!


  1. That video is TOO funny! Great pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. great video Sara! And the pics - always brings back good memories to see older pics.

  3. I love Pickles the dog ...

  4. Sara

    Saw you on Twitter. You are a plucky lass and we send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery over the coming months.

    Love Maisy Doodle and John

  5. Awww! What a cute dog!
    Ha ha ha...I can imagine the dialogue. :)

  6. Wonderful Sara, thanks so much for sharing these with us all! Cheered me up no end!


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