Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A Walk to the Doctors

Wilbur in my garden

I was so shocked! I phoned the doctors surgery this morning, only to be told that I could have an appointment this morning! I stressed that this was not the "usual" emergency but they confirmed that, yes indeed, I could be seen this very morning.

I decided to walk the mile or so into the village because t
he sun was shining and its a lovely walk. Houses on one side, fields on the other and the trees, including "the Bottom Tree" (another story). I am glad I did walk because I was able to appreciate lots of the little things in life. Fallen pink blossom the shape of hearts, squabbling sparrows, wild flowers in the hedgrow.... it was a lovely walk.

I also saw lots of people, had lots of waves from cars and my friend stopped me for a brief chat.

The doctor was fine, matter of fact, got my prescriptions and I met my friend who has had a masectomy and a second operation to remove all her lymph nodes. She starts chemo on 1st July. She waited for me and we had a really pleasurable walk back up Station Road and then into the grounds of Christ Church where we took a seat
amongst the grave stones, long grass and butterflies.

I often used to sit there in my lunch hour when I worked in the village. There is so much wild life there and wild flowers and so peaceful.

When Harry was 6 years old, and we attended a memorial service for the war dead there, Harry didn't put his poppy on the cenotaph.... he placed his on the grave of the unknown soldier and saluted.

So many memories in this church and so many happy times.

We chatted for ages, then the sun moved on us and it was too hot to remain. Next stop was the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions then the Village Store (Gwens) because I needed tea bags and my friend fancied an ice cream.

We walked through the park called "The Green" and as far as Lavister which is home for me. My friend got onto her bus and we parted ways.

What a surprise day I had. I hadn't bargained for a doctors appointment today or such a wonderful walk into the village and to top it all, such a lovely hour or so chatting with a friend.

I am so glad to be out and about, so glad I have eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk.

Happy days.


  1. The unexpected can be more pleasurable than the things we plan! Glad you've had such a wonderful day ♥

  2. I envy you. I sounds like a wonderful day. I was picked up by a volunteer driver for the Canadian Cancer Society and driven with 4 other people to the Hospital an hour away. Got Zapped and had to wait an hour to be picked up again before a return trip in small car on a hot day with 4 different people.

    I think I prefer your day.

  3. Oh Barry, doesnt sound like much fun but will it be over soon? Thinking of you and sending you healing happy vibes!!!!

  4. I think that is what life is all about ... living in the moment.

  5. I love prowling around old cemetaries!

  6. Sara I envy you, your village sounds wonderful...
    I love your dog!!


  7. Yes it great to sometimes take a walk and look around us... and seeing a good friend on the way. Glad you enjoyed your day, these are the days we take advantage of... when we feel a little better always good to do something that puts a whole smile on our face

  8. Wonderful to read and great to hear! Enjoy the summer Sara, hope the good weather continues so you can have many more days like this one! Sharon xxx

  9. Sara it brings joy to my heart to read of your appreciation for the simple things in life.
    Thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to walk beside you on this journey.

  10. Aren't those happy days fun? I'm in agreement with Alli, sounds like you live in a very lovely place.


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