Thursday, 25 June 2009

The V-E-T !!!!!!!!!

Today was the day that Pickles went for her annual booster injection, not something I relish, not because of the cost but because she is such a fearful dog it is a trauma for her and I hate seeing animals distressed. I have tried every trick in the book and nothing worked, until that is, I found Howard Davies at Rhyd Broughton Vet Clinic.

My original vet retired and left me wondering just who I could trust with my precious little family. I tried a local vet but they botched Pickles speying and she ended up with an infection, something I have never experienced with a bitch before. Since then I have heard similar stories with this particular vet plus my friends dog Edna, died while being speyed!!! I tried another local practice but the vets were young women and seemed to be scared of Pickles. I therefore concluded that she needed a male vet.

I was amazed when Howard was able to inject AND examine Pickles, all without a muzzle although I did offer! Today he did the same then said, "I noticed that Wilbur is micro chipped and not Pickles..." so I told him that it was because no vet was willing to do that injection for her. He told me he would try and I said that I didnt want him to get bitten..... End result, one micro-chipped dog.

Not only that..... we ended the session with Pickles actually liking him! Amazing! What a fantastic vet!

I got to the practice about 10 minutes early so that Pickles could relieve herself and chill before facing the beast. I saw a wonderful sight which fed my soul; a wheat field with strewn with Poppies. How wonderful.

Sadly, I saw an old customer of mine coming out of the vet called Jenny and she has cushions disease, so sad because Tim and Sue totally idolise her! He was sorry to hear my news too but he didnt go all soppy on me or ask in depth questions. I appreciate that because once people know you have cancer they cant stop talking about it.

I stopped at Sainsburys and bought a nice bunch of Roses, Gypsophila and Carnations for my sons dinner lady, I bought some Heroes chocolates too so that they could share them amongst themselves. I appreciated the care that she took of my son yesterday with the missed lunch box, apparently she made some chips (fries) especially for him and a tuna sandwich without mayo. He was quite upset by all accounts but she calmed him down and I appreciate that so much. In all the years my children have been in school I have never forgotten to give them lunches, snacks and they have never been late for school. Since this cancer thing its happened but I think my kids are growing stronger because of it.

I read the riot act last night and Joe ended up making his own sandwiches and putting his lunch box together and H-Bomb didn't do a bombing raid last night. Result???? They had a happy and affectionate mum this morning!

On that note, I will end my blog because my guineapigs need cleaning and I need to pack for a weekend at the caravan....... Llanbedrog here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your new vet sounds wonderful...he has a gift and a soft touch...your Pickles obviously sussed that out and trusted him. The man has chosen his field well!!

    I'm so glad that all was well in your household today -- no H bomb last night, Joe made his lunch (and probably both felt really good about themselves which is the best feeling they can have!) and mum was a happy camper (or soon to be camper!!).

    Sorry to hear about your friend...seems so many are touched with sad news these days.

    And as for you treating the lunch's those small gestures isn't it Sara that make such a difference in the world? Kindness never goes out of style!!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend at the caravan!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend away, enjoy your family time, and put your feet up!!! Sharon xxx

  3. Have a great restful, fun weekend....
    alli xx

  4. Enjoy your weekend, Sara of Wales!

  5. Obviously you have one vet to stay away fro and one worthy of being invited to dinner! A good vet is worth their weight in gold.

    Lindsay hates going to the vets, but is always delight to actually see our vet whom she loves. Its just the waiting room and the vibes she gets from the other animals that is scary.

  6. I've just started using Daleside Vets. They were great with my two Golden Retrievers who are both terrified of vets.

    Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  7. Hi Jane, I use Daleside for my small animals and they are great but they were nervous of Pickles and so that is why I changed x


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