Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sess 4/12: Can't Sleep

It is the middle of the night and I can't sleep.

No Harry in bed tonight so I can't use him as an excuse!

I have exercised today, thought that may help however, I just think that the chemo has played havoc with my system.

Tomorrow: I will take a sleeping tablet!


  1. Only about 9 pm here - so I thought I would pop in and say hello!! I am 48 - sooooo...I wake up most nights about 2am and stare at the ceiling - lol. Hope you are doing well hon - am pulling for you! Now.... go sleep sweet!!
    Blessings, Sarah

  2. It is the middle of the night for me here and I'm wide awake like you. Had my chemo today and I think the steroids does it. Ugh!! Hope your day goes well tomorrow on little sleep:)

  3. It's the chemo. On the plus side, I got an awful lot of writing done in the middle of those nights...

  4. Feel for you ... that will be me next week.


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