Monday, 15 June 2009


I think that one of the things you have to master when you are fighting cancer is acceptance. You can't beat yourself up anymore about not getting things done, you just have to accept that this is you for now and get on with it.

I have been feeling pretty ill with chemo this week and I have more scheduled for Thursday. Can my veins take it?

I have plans for the rest of the year. I am hoping to go on a young womens course about Breast Cancer and the treatments. I will do the Relay for Life in September as well and I am looking forward to organising a party to celebrate the end of my radical treatment and to raise money for my chosen cancer charities.

I am enjoying getting to know my computer and learning lots of new skills, its quite fun!


  1. Slowing down, pacing myself, napping when tired...I had to learn that all from scratch. It was a good lesson for me. Since self esteem is a big issue for me, I came away with the precious knowledge that I am more than what I do. People loved me just as much if I was working or taking a nap. Who would have guessed that exhaustion would have turned out to be a blessing.

  2. Praying for good veins on Thursday. I hate being tired all the time but Debby sure put it right. Who would have guessed it would have turned out to be a blessing?

  3. I can only agree, ladies. Now that my treatment is (mostly) over I'm reaping the benefits of my new ability to focus on things that matter, accept how things are, and not fritter away my life on things that don't matter to me!

  4. ladies, I have learnt so much from having BC, it has made me a better, stronger person. I have learnt to slow down and appreciate life, I just didnt have time before and I was too stressed all the time! Cancer Aint Gonna Beat Me!

  5. Sara you really are quite incredible!! Sharon xxx

  6. Good Attitude to have Sara. I think once we have accepted what its is and what needs doing. Taking special care of us is okay. Slowing down and appreciating things is a gift we get from this cancer thing.
    More power to learning new things :)


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