Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: So Great to Have Friends

Yesterday, I was asking "Why Me?" and my friend Ron told me that I shouldn't be asking that question, I should be asking, "How am I going to deal with this.." and he is so right. Thank you, Ron for my wake up call.

I feel much brighter today. The sun wasn't shining in Rossett, we had a storm and it has been cool but I feel good. My dear friend Jan went out and bought me the most beautiful scarves, one of which I am wearing now. It is silk and feels so warm and soft on my head. I didn't realise just how cold my head could get. I lay in the bath yesterday and my head had a jolt when I rested it back against the bath side. It did the same again today when I laid my head on my cotton pillow. All these new experiences.

I do think about cancer coming back but as my friend revealed today, if I had had this type of cancer diagnosis 5 years ago, I would be in a bad situation but the fact that my cancer is HER2 pos and receptive to Herceptin means that the tables have turned full swing and I am in the best possible situation.

My pandora bead came the other day and it symbolises "Love, Faith and Hope" which is what I live by, a great partner for my lovely breast cancer bead.

My dogs are looking good but need a bath so tomorrow I think I may just take the plunge and bath them. Oh, they get conditioning treatments too followed by a blow dry, tidy up and Eau De Toilette... they get the works. I have decided that seeing as how I have this year off work as a mobile dog groomer, I am going to concentrate on my two dogs. Pickles is five years old and a complete joy, she stays close too me and apart from demanding endless cups of tea, she is an easy dog. Wilbur on the other hand is just over 1 year old and he is naughty! He barks like a wild thing when I take him on walks and it is stopping me from taking them out at certain times of the day. I am going to invest some serious time into training him now and turning him into the dog that Pickles is!

Watch this space!!!!!

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  1. I just posted a reflection on my blog asking the "why me?" question. There's ever a good answer. I am starting my own blogging community. I am a 7 year survivor of a rare leukemia. Although I am in the US, I consult with a doctor at the Marsden in London. Keep up the goos fight and please stop by my blog for a visit. Take care, Dennis


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