Thursday, 30 April 2009

Session 3/12: Nearly at the End of Epi-R !!!!

I chose this picture today because I love trees, trees signify life. Life lives on them and through them, ever changing through the seasons.

I had my 3rd session of Epi-Reubison today. I decided to wear a red turban to match the colour of the evil drug! They had trouble getting a vein last time so I had a hot bath before going then put on some gloves to keep my hands warm. They were pleased with the information leaflets I gave them on SUBURBAN TURBAN the company I bought my turbans off. Everyone keeps saying how pretty I look in them and how glowing I am, its nice to let other cancer fighters have the opportunity to look good too.

I was really nervous about today because my veins are still sore. My arm feels as though I have done 100 bicep curls with a 5kg weight!

My blood count was down again so I had to have the count confirmed before they could go ahead with the chemo and that delayed things. Anyway, it had come up sufficiently to continue treatment. My nurse today was Natalie, only a young girl, very pretty and bubbly, I liked her and although she chose the vein on my wrist which blew last time she was confident and did the job ok.

When the poisen first entered my blood stream I felt nausious but I combatted that by talking to Natalie and smiling, it helps. She kept checking that the poisen was going in correctly which helped my peace of mind. I also noticed a tingling effect in my mouth which was a bit like eating "moon dust" - does anyone remember that? Then my asthma kicked in slightly but not enough to take ventolin just yet.

The lady next to me was 2 years younger than me and had had a mastectomy, I remember seeing her in clinic post op when I was going for a wig fitting. It was her first chemo session and when Natalie put the canula in and explained the treatment, she burst into tears. I wanted to go over there and give her a hug, I wanted to tell her that it wasnt so bad but couldnt because she seemed so self concious. I am lucky that I am facing my fight with such a positive attitude, this situation showed me today how positive I am and didnt realise it.

Joe has made a little plaster caste of his hamsters paw, I helped him to do it after school. Spangles is now neatly contained in a small cardboard box together with some hamster food, a mint tic tac and some bedding. RIP Spangles. His friends at school made him a card and all signed it.......and he says he has no friends..........


  1. Sara - This post has just made me cry, not with sadness, but with happiness, that you are so positive! If they could bottle and sell your positivity, everyone would beat this awful disease! You are truly an inspiration! Sharon xxxxxx

  2. This is such an upbeat post. My aunt was just diagnosed with cancer and I hope she can proceed with dignity and grace and hopefulness as you seem to be doing



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