Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: BALD PATCH!

Bald Patch - yes, thats what my 7 year old calls me now! He calls it me in such a matter of fact way as though it were mum or mummy. He is autistic so he tells you what he sees.... fact! Now my mum thinks it is upsetting for him to call me that but I don't think it is. He is giving me an affectionate name, one which represents what I am at the moment and he is right..... I am a bald patch.

I am not looking forward to chemo on Thursday because my veins are so sore. I thought they would have got better by now but they haven't. I go for my blood tests tomorrow.... I can't imagine what it will be like.

I was asked what my favourite songs were yesterday and why. There are two which you may want to look up if you are a cancer fighter like me. The first is "Without a Fight" by The Alarm and the second is "Love, Hope and Strength" by The Alarm. I have been big fans of theirs for 24 years, look at my earlier blog for what Mike Peters is doing and information on the Love, Hope Strength Foundation. The words sum up how I feel on this journey, and they should too because he has fought cancer twice so he knows the score!

I am looking forward to posting my first SPIRIT JUMP off tomorrow, the package is ready, I just need to get down to the post office then I will imagine in my head, the pleasure it will bring and when I imagine that... I will feel a warm glow in my heart which will get me through my chemo on Thursday.


  1. Good luck to you Thursday. I'll be saying a prayer for you:)

  2. Bald Patch... I can only imagine what nick names my boys will come up with (my drain was referred to as my chia pet). The humour helps. Why don't you have a port or picc if you're having 12 chemo treatments? Take care... Beth.

  3. I love the way kids are so matter of fact, and I can remember when my son, who was 3 at the time and is now 20, came to visit me in hospital after a hysterectomy and he saw my catheter bag! He asked me why I had to carry it with me, so I explained it was like walking a dog, from then on it was named after our labrador then, Bess, so everytime he visited me and we went for a walk along the corridors he would say 'don't forget to bring Bess with you'! He never quite got that it was attached to me, which I was glad about!
    Will be thinking of you on Thursday Sara, hope it will not be too painful for you, I know the end result justifies the means, but I am sure there are times when it doesn't seem like it!
    Sending lots of (((((()))))) hugs and xxxxxxx kisses. You will be in my prayers. Sharon

  4. Beth took my question...a mediport would make things so much easier on you. Sara, your comments on my blog remind me of the way that I looked at my friend Mary. She was ahead of me in treatment, and it gave me such hope to look at her, to talk to her. In looking through your blog, you sound like an active woman with a good spirit. All I can tell you is that when chemo was done, I could feel my old self returning quickly. I still cannot get over the fact that I am active and outdoors and busy, and working hard. My stamina is back. I trust that you will find it the same. Keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel! My e-mail is debby_hornburg@yahoo.com


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