Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: Mouse & Spangles RIP

Oh what a day!

Let me first start by saying how today was the first day I have woken up feeling "normal" with "normal" energy levels and guess what? Yes, more chemo tomorrow!!!!! Ah well such is life.

Lots of people are telling me how well I look and how glowing I am. Do they expect me to look as though I am on my last legs?! Actually, I am one of those rare people who look well when they feel ill, also, I am a great believer in putting on a show. My makeup goes on, along with my perfume then the second I leave the house.... its SHOW TIME! Thats why I found losing my hair so tough, because I couldn't hide anymore.

Today is sad for our family because we lost two of our family members.

The first was one of our guineapigs called Mouse. He was 4 years old, brindle brown smooth and had a gentle personality. He was a hit with the neighbours kids! I got him from Pets at Home when he was young. He had escapted from his pen and broken his front paw so they couldn't sell him so they wanted to find him a loving home and he got me. I knew he hadn't been well for a while. He lost weight rapidly which lead to me bringing him into the house a month ago and feeding him on a special diet, extra vitamins and food. His weight went back up to normal but things weren't right so I took him to the vet. Turns out that little Mouse was a cancer fighter too but his tumour was internal and was causing him pain. No chemo for guineapigs so I decided that it was time to say goodbye.

Spangles was a Syrian Hamster belonging to my oldest son Joe. Spangles lived in his bedroom and he took great care of her. He struggles with friends at school and he told me today how she was his only friend. She was 16 months old and had a womb infection. We took her to the vets on Monday and tried antibiotics but by this morning she had deteriated. I explained to Joe how it wasn't fair to let her suffer if she was dieing. After school, I found Joe holding Spangles with tears rolling down his cheeks and he told me that he thought it was time for Spangles to go. I took them both to the vets and it was all over peacefully.

We have decided to bury Spangles and Mouse together and we will buy a plant to put over their grave.

What a tough day......


  1. Hi Sara, sorry to hear about the loss of your pets... My son was heartbroken when his hamster died, he still carries a picture of him in his wallet. Good luck with your chemo!


  2. Sorry about the animals passing! Thinking of you today, hope this session will be a good one! Sharon xxx

  3. Sara, I'm glad you had a "normal days" with "normal energy". The new normal - we have to learn to cherish it. I just added you to my new Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care, Dennis


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