Saturday, 11 April 2009

Session 2: Dr Who

Wow! More good news! Someone is looking after me upstairs! A special NEW episode of Dr Who tonight! We are all excited at the Williams temporary home! So...... pizza and Dr Who - life doesn't get much better and isn't David Tenant just GORGEOUS?!

I cut my steroid dose in half as Gwen advised yesterday and yipee, I got a full nights sleep. Mind you, we did have a couple of glasses of red wine so that helped. I was woken at 7am by...... yes, you guessed....... Harry, telling me how much MORE hair I had lost. He then spent the next five minutes plucking it and pulling it and making it into a not so attractive pile on my pillow..... children!

We had a nice day yesterday but I was so tired. We drove to Morfa Nefyn and had a gorgeous cup of coffee in a wonderful local cafe just next to the national trust car park. Joe had a chocolate cookie and Harry had chocolate icecream with marshmallows and sprinklers. They had a selection of original paintings for sale, they were great but nearly £1000 per piece! Out of my league I am afraid!

While Jason took the boys onto the beach, I reclined the car seat and actually managed to fall asleep. They came back with wonderful tales of sand castles, rocks, horses on the beach. However, I didn't feel sad because I was too tired to have appreciated those things and the sleep did me good.

We stopped off at the chip shop in Pwllheli and took our bounty back to the caravan. I had fruit because I just couldn't face stodgy food. Apples, grapes, strawberries and sharon friut.... nice.

Once the kids were in bed we watched 3 episodes of SHAMELESS before bed and a wonderful nights sleep.

I must thank all of my friends for their prayers, reiki, messages and support. I log onto face book or Weigh Watchers NCU site and I am surrounded by care, friendship and support and I swear that is what is allowing me to cope with chemo so well. THANK YOU!"

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