Sunday, 5 April 2009

Session 1 - My Hair is Falling Out

This is what my 7 year old son thinks I will look like when I lose my hair. (I wish I was that skinny!)
Well, today, I noticed that I have started to lose my hair. I first noticed my not talked about regions then, after my shower, there was hair everywhere. Being the inquisitive type, I decided to pull a bit and a chunk came out. I wasn't scared, I just felt sad because I was hoping with all of my heart that I would be one of the lucky few who didn't lose hair. Ah well, never mind!
I have promised my sons that when my hair thins I will let them help to shave my head and then I will give them a locket to keep. I think it will help them to adjust to my change of image. I don't want my children to be frightened so I think it is best to include them in the experience.
I have had a good week so far which was topped off with a wonderful party in honour of my best friends daughter. Chloe was the oldest child to have a naming ceremony at the local register office and Jason and I were honoured to be her supporting adults. What a wonderful party, one of the best I have ever been too.
The naming service was lovely and very moving. Chloe read out poems including one she had made herself. The party was great with kareoke which the kids loved and do you know what? I had my hair!!!!!!! My two sons looked handsome in their suits; Joe with a bow tie and Harry with a normal blue tie, their behaviour was impeccable and I was so incredibly proud of them.
I loved my friends friend - what a wonderful bunch of people, a mark, I think of what a lovely person she is!
So, we are back at the caravan now enjoying a little bit of sunshine! Sadly, we have to cut our holiday short so that I can get my blood test done ready for second chemo session on Thursday. We may come back for a couple more days but we will just have to see how I feel the second time around.
I am just going to enjoy this relaxing time at the seaside with my precious boys!

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